Albert and Sidney Musher, sons of Pompeian Olive Oil founder Nathan Musher, were not do-nothing trust fund babies. Though Pompeian was at one time the largest olive oil company in the world, the brothers did not rest on their assumedly expensive and comfortable laurels. They fully immersed themselves in the family business, even nitty-gritty product improvement. While testing antioxidants derived from raw cereals to protect olive oil from rancidity, they stumbled upon the idea to use 100% colloidal oatmeal as a bath additive. They enlisted help from the Mayo Clinic to perfect their formula, and in 1945, Aveeno, whose name is derived from the Latin Avena sativa, was born.

The Good

Aveno holds the distinction of producing the only product line in the US containing feverfew extract, an obscure cousin of chamomile with anti-inflammatory properties. Marta and TIA reviewers have been pleasantly surprised time and time again by some of the highly regarded, boutiquey ingredients like the anti-oxidant rich mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, blackberry leaf, and mauritia flexuosa (palm tree oil) which is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A.

The Bad

Despite Active Naturals branded ingredients that do show up, they commit the sin of enhancing their products liberally with cheap chemical fillers like polyethylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, oxybenzone, octisalatate, avobenzonate.

The Truth

Aveeno, a mainstream brand now owned by Johnson & Johnson, is considered a “green brand”. It appears they are making strides in the green direction, researching and developing new skin care technologies in their Active Naturals Institute. The proof of this research is in the effective, natural ingredients found in their products. In order to sell products at an affordable, drug store price point, while still maximizing Johnson & Johnson’s bottom line, most Aveeno products contain a host of synthetic fillers and preservatives. Nonetheless, for the price, Aveeno’s products contain quite a number of valuable botanicals with proven skin benefits.

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