Avitalin Bee Venom BioLift Complex 1 oz

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Reviewed by Marta on December 23, 2013

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I was particularly excited to learn that Avitalin, a company that formulates in an extremely thoughtful way, had come up with a new cream called Avitalin Bee Venom BioLift Complex ($70). It seems that a new bee venom beauty product is being launched every week. Not that I mean to sound jaded. Since apitoxin (as bee venom) is known, is such an interesting active ingredient (read more on the myths and truth about bee venom), I welcome opportunities to check out the latest offering. 

Avitalin’s founder, Marina Volod, told me that she uses bee venom from Europe, as it is more powerful than New Zealand sourced bee venom, which is found, for example in the Royal Nectar Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68) or Heaven’s bee venom face mask (Royal Nectar supplies the bee venom used by Heaven). I have heard the claim that European bee venom is superior before, but have not been able to independently verify it.

In any case, Avitalin Bee Venom Biolift Complex is a very effective product that I consider to be one of the best new launches of the year.

Described as a gel-cream by Avitalin, Bee Venom Biolift Complex is a cream rather than gel texture. I tried it alone and over a serum and found it to be useful both ways. It is certainly hydrating and over six weeks of use improved the texture of my skin notably. I experimented with face, hands and neck and have settled in to using over my daily serum (usually E’shee KI $189 in the shop) on days when I feel a little dry and almost daily on my neck over Medik8’s Growth Factor ($160)– my neck is looking better than it has in a long while.

Apis venenum purum (bee venom extract) is, of course, the standout ingredient. But there is a hive of activity going on here with the addition of other bee by-products, royal jelly (made up of B vitamins and amino acids) and bee pollen (mostly carbohyrates, although it is also also comprised of proteins and minerals). Also worth a call out is gotu kola extract, which seems to be cropping up more and more, perhaps due to research showing that it can strengthen the skin, boost antioxidants in wounds, and increase blood supply to the area. It's also thought to boost the production of type I collagen and myofibroblasts.

There are plenty of other helpful ingredients such as moisture retaining sodium hyaluronate and phospholipids, vitamins and a bevy of oils, from argan to meadowfoam. As always, Avitalin formulates with natural ingredients and no nasties. I highly recommend Bee Venom Biolift Complex as a moisturizer that packs a lot of punch and it has earned a regular place in my beauty routine.