Avon Anew Ultimate Transforming Day Cream caught my attention as one of Amazon.com's "most wished for" beauty items. So what is it and does it deserve to be so coveted?

First off, it pushes most women's buttons by claiming to treat ALL visible signs for aging "transforming skin from exhibiting loss of skin tone and puffiness, to slender and defined facial contours". And how does it do this? Avon Anew harnesses something called Gold Mesh Technology.

One is tempted to dismiss this with a shake of the head whilst muttering "whatever will they think up next". Still, this is Avon and sales are likely to be huge so its worth taking a closer look to see if Gold Mesh Technology has any credibility as an anti-aging formula.

As you might imagine, Avon Anew contains the skin care ingredient du jour, gold. I wrote about gold when reviewing Chantecaille's Nano Gold Energizing Cream. The bottom line is that there is no compelling evidence that it mitigates against aging skin. Gold Mesh Technology does, however, contain two other ingredients: copper and magnesium.

Copper is certainly a legitimate anti-aging ingredient. The problem is that the truly effective copper peptide formula is available to very few manufacturers - Avon is not one of the them - because the patents are closely held by a Dr Pickart. I've written about copper peptides here.

As for magnesium it is essential for healthy skin and bones. However, topical application is another matter.  the most relevant thing I've been able to come up with is that it "energizes and hydrates surface cells". Hmm. I don't think I'll be adding Avon Anew Ultimate Transforming Day Cream to my most wished for list.