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Avon Anew Reversalist day and eye creams- reader reviewed

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Dark Circles, Sagging Skin
August 13, 2010 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment

Reviewed by Laura

Thanks to Truth in Aging, I have had the wonderful chance to review two Avon products: Avon Anew Reversalist Day Renewal Cream and the Reversalist Illuminating Eye System. Although it has taken me quite a while to get through the two entire jars (sorry for taking so long!), I wanted to make sure I gave the products enough time to do what they say they can.

I am 35 and have a variety of skin issues, but overall, I have become happier with my skin over the past few years due to a diligent skin care routine and a couple of photo-facial treatments (IPL). I live in Florida and grew up sans sunscreen - which means that I have a good deal of sun damage and the problems that go along with it. I also have very oily skin and occasional eczema that likes to pop up randomly in strange places on my face (yuck!). So, I am always on the hunt for a daily moisturizer that multitasks with some SPF, anti-aging ingredients, and light coverage, without causing my skin to flare up or become irritated. My skincare routine consists of my beloved Clarisonic, a cleanser, a serum, an eye cream, and a daily moisturizer with sun protection. For this review, I dropped my other products so I could devote my full attention to the results that these products could provide.

First of all, I am not a huge fan of jars because of the potential for contamination if you are not careful, drying out, less fresh, etc. Both products came in jars, the day cream in a pretty, heavy glass jar and the eye treatment in a small two-in-one jar (a cream and an illuminator that flips open on top).

To start off with the day cream, I fell in love with the texture right away. It’s fluffy and creamy and light and smells wonderful. My skin felt luxuriously soft, although I did apply very lightly for fear of getting breakouts (perhaps why it took me months to finish the products!). The cream has some illuminating ingredients, and the skeptic in me always wonders if that is a ruse to distract users from an otherwise ineffective product. Although, I do love the effect that the light diffusers can have as long as it’s subtle (no need for the gilded look). Overall, I loved the moisture that the cream provided and I love multitasking my skin cream with SPF. After a couple of weeks, I did notice that my skin looked slightly brighter, although the effect was subtle. I didn’t notice a great deal of change in any of the wrinkles on my face, just an overall softer and slightly brighter look. In the end, I liked the cream for the moisturizing properties and the SPF, but could not say that it significantly affected my wrinkles.

I had nearly the same experience with the eye cream, which consisted of a jar of cream and the “sheer veil” which was in a pop-up container on the eye cream.  I liked the moisturizing effects of the eye cream. The option to top the cream with the light-diffusing and slightly concealing sheer veil was nice, and I found myself using that from time to time to cover up my dark circles. My dark circles were a little better after using the entire product, but not much difference in my crow’s feet.

Overall, both products were fun to try out, smelled great and gave my skin a moisturized and slightly brighter look. Not much wrinkle reduction, but if you are just looking for a light moisturizer with some SPF, or a moisturizing, temporarily brightening eye cream, than you might like these AVON products.

  • November 20, 2011

    by April

    Unfortunately my experience with this product was less than satisfactory. In fact, I've been exposed to AVON since my grandmother was alive (approximately 20+ years and I remember "Timeless" being one of her favorite scents from Avon) but after this last experience, I highly doubt I'll ever buy any of their products again.

    First, I am a 33 y/o African-American female with combination type skin (oily T-zone, depending on the season). For the most part, I've never really had problematic skin other than maybe a pimple here and there. However, I've noticed a few changes since hitting my 30s (i.e. a few fine lines, brown spots, dull complexion, etc.) and after using many different OTC products with no jawdropping results (including Roc, Garnier and Olay products) , I decided to give Avon a try. I ordered the Reversalist because it claimed it was the best in taking care of the issues I mentioned, but decided to start with a TRIAL KIT so that I could give it a test run. After a week (which is usually the timeframe I need to start seeing some sort of results), I saw absolutely nothing! No reduction in brown spots or fine lines and my complexion was still dull. I was even taking pictures of my skin daily, just to make sure I could actually see the results. The ONLY thing I did notice was softer skin but personally, I am more concerned with how my skin LOOKS rather than how it FEELS.

    Okay, soo the product didn't work for my skin. No big deal! Some products work, some don't.

    I review EVERYTHING I use just because reviews are always helpful for me, not to mention companies need to be held accountable if their products don't do what they claim to. Therefore I went to the AVON.COM site and wrote a very tasteful review about my personal experience with the product. My review was similar to this one, in stating my problems with my skin and my end results. I did not go onto the site bashing the product and gave a very professional and honest review... HOWEVER, Avon refused to publish it, stating it did not put the company in the best light (in so many words). I was appauled!!! Not only does Avon tweek their reviews for their best interest, the INTEGRITY of the company cannot be trusted because of this. They tailor reviews to fit what's good for them and THAT is not ethical. Yes, it's their site but they also have a responsibility to ensure that review are honest and truthful. If you don't want bad reviews, make better products that do what they say they will! Otherwise allow people to voice their opinion and let potential buyers decide what's best for them.

    Needless to say, this left a BAD taste in my mouth and I will most likely never buy from them again. Not just skincare, but ANYTHING, just because of the shadiness. And for the record, I later found a better skincare line the worked FANTASTIC on my skin!!! It's called PCA Skin and I purchased it online from Derm Store and I also started with their 3-week trial kit. This line is amazing and I highly recommend for those with a similar skin type. Plus, Derm Store offers 2 day shipping (ordered on Wednesday it was here on Friday), free samples of other products and lots of promo code discounts. Yes, I'm giving PCA Skin a HUGE plug right now because good products deserve good reviews and at the end of the day, the product did what it said it would to do and that is more than I can say for AVON. I used PCA on the first night I got it and the next morning I woke up, I could see the product already working!!! I woke up to glowing, smooth, supple skin after just 12 hours and after one week, my brown spots were just about gone (lol).

    Bottom line, AVON REVERSALIST (trial kit) was a wasted of $47 bucks and more importantly, this company could use a refresher course in business ethics!

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