Reviewed by Dee

I've been trying out Avon Anew Reversalist Serum for a little over a month.  First impressions first:  though I've read many online complaints regarding the packaging, I must say I enjoy dispensing the serum from its sleek James Bond-ish pump -- I feel like I could also gain access to a supervillain's lair, shoot cyanide darts, and start my Aston Martin.

I don't care for the product's scent -- too department-store-skin-care perfumy, and I'm always happier to forgo artificial fragrance.  The serum goes on with a silicone "slip" that resolves into a faintly powdery feel.  I've tried using it both alone and under various moisturizers I had around.

As for results:  I would say that the surface of my skin is slightly smoother than it had been before my trial -- whether this is due to the glycolic acid in the serum, or to the more cutting-edge ingredients, I can't say for sure.  Skin wrinkling really isn't much of an issue for me here in my late 40s; and since Avon's test-subject results focus largely on the diminished appearance of wrinkles, it's possible that I'm not the ideal candidate for the most dramatic results from the product.

The science certainly sounds intriguing, though:  Various organs of our bodies produce a protein complex called activin, which is involved in various functions including wound healing.  Avon Anew Reversalist's star compound, a phytochemical coupling dubbed Activinol, is designed to stimulate activin.  (See Marta's October 14 post for more on this and the other ingredients.)  So the Reversalist line could turn out to be a good investment in terms of skin regeneration, especially with longer-term use.

Speaking in the more subjective here and now, however, I don't quite like the rather papery feeling my skin has had while on the product.  Even when I layer moisturizer onto it, my skin doesn't feel nurtured deep-down -- I wonder if that's due to the serum's several silicones.  And since I don't think I've had enough visible results to offset this, I'll say that even though Reversalist may hold promise for the future in getting skin back to its younger past, my own present search goes on.