Even I don't have to suppress my inner curmudgeon when I see Reese Witherspoon's wholesome smile as the ultimate Avon Lady. And she's doing it in a good cause by being the honorary chairnan of the Avon Foundation, which contributes to causes such as fighting breast cancer. Then I see that she is endorsing Avon's Pro to Go Lipstick and the curmudgeon resurfaces.The raison d'etre of Pro to Go seems to be that you can "slide it on, put it on and snap it shut" all with one hand! Why? Who is the target consumer? Those returning injured from a ski trip? Multi-taskers whose other hand might be in perfect working order but is otherwise occupied with, err, fondling a partner's thigh, or a forkful of the next mouthful of food, or a mascara wand? Surely not someone who is driving whilst on a cell phone? Its a little unfair to mock this product. It really has very little offensive in it. Excluding pigments, there are 37 ingredients in this lipstick. Two of these are a sunscreen. Most of them are the various waxes that go into making a fairly typical lipstick. There is petrolatum and a petrolatum derived wax (banned in Europe unless declared free from carcinogens), but otherwise all fairly benign. There is some silicon and things that give shine. There are even some good things such as vitamins E and A, tamarind and jojoba seed extracts and beta-carotene.