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Ayelet Brightening Bio Active Under Eye Cream Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Dry Skin, Puffy Eyes
Ayelet Brightening Bio Active Under Eye Cream
July 26, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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Consider it your all-natural fix to tired-looking eyes


Eases puffiness and lightens dark circles



By Linda B.

I'll admit to never having bought a product that claims to brighten, as I was never quite sure what that word meant when it came to skin care. Does it mean that it lightens the skin? Does it mean that it superficially reflects the light? Moreover, I couldn't find a cosmetics counter person who could adequately describe what the term really meant. They just kept repeating it back to me; "You know, it brightens!" Well, okay. So, I was eager to test Ayelet Brightening Bio Active Under Eye Cream ($28).  

Their website lists some impressive ingredients. Caffeine is included for its ability to ease the appearance of dark circles by constricting the blood vessels under the skin, while zinc also helps to lessen the appearance of darkened skin. In addition to those, both of which are touted on the jar itself, this eye cream boasts some nice organic plant extracts, including rose petal and rosehip, avocado oil, shea butter and many more effective (and yummy) ingredients. What was missing from this list? The possibly hazardous chemicals I no longer want on or in me. This ingredient list checked off all my tree-hugger boxes.

But now onto the real test: Would it really live up to all of its claims—reducing bags, deflating puffiness, softening lines, and most importantly, would it finally reveal the meaning of the oft-used term ‘brightening’? I didn’t use any other eye creams or serums around the eye during this trial in order to give it a fair review. Upon application, I noticed that although rich and creamy, the cream did absorb well. I experienced no problems with the weird pilling some eye creams produce once concealer is applied over top. So far, so good. Then, about two weeks into the trial, I did notice a reduction in puffiness and a lightening of the skin.

My eye area did indeed look brighter, so I am very happy with the results. I will continue to use Ayelet Brightening Bio Active Under Eye Cream in the morning. But I noticed that Ayelet makes another eye cream for firming, which I might purchase for my nighttime regime. 

  • January 8, 2018

    by Rpg

    I use a lot of Asian skincare products, and most contain "brighteners", which actually means, "to make your skin as pale as a ghost." Something like a Geisha. On the positive side, they even out your complexion, eliminating dark spots, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, etc. The negative is that instead of foundation, I now have to use a bronzer to add at least some color back into my face.

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