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B*True Beauty All Natural Eyelash Enhancer Review

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Eyelashes & Brows
b*true beauty all natural eyelash enhancer
August 17, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A natural eyelash growth product that moisturizes and conditions lashes but doesn't yield dramatic growth


Lashes look more moisturized and healthier


Made no difference in length or thickness

by Michele

I had the opportunity to try B*True Beauty All Natural Eyelash Enhancer ($59). I have short rather thin eyelashes. For the past couple of years, I have used La Vie Celeste Toner ($35) all over the eyes and eyelashes followed by La Vie Celeste Eye Cream ($60 in the shop) all over the eye area including on the lashes. I wear eye make-up only about once or twice a month.

Before I received this product, I checked out their website. It appears the only product they make is the eyelash enhancer. They use natural and organic ingredients and sustainable products. And they take 10% of the profits they make and give it to those who need it. This really sounds like a wonderful company who believes in what they do.

On the website, it says that the eyelash enhancer is formulated with argan, vitamin E, castor, aloe vera, apricot kernel, rose hip seed oils and essential oils along with vitamins and antioxidants meant to strengthen, nourish, thicken, moisturize and lengthen eyelashes. So, when I read this, I thought it was only a partial ingredient list, as some companies don't list full ingredients on their websites. I was expecting an active or peptide of some kind. I wouldn't expect plant and essential oils to lengthen and thicken lashes.

The website shows a before and after picture with dramatically longer lashes and says results can be seen in as little as seven days. When I got the product, it came in a wide sort of polished wood mascara tube which is a nice change from all the plastic tubes that you see and fits with the company's look. It comes in a mascara tube with a mascara brush. Instructions are to apply in the evening daily until desired results are achieved. This can also be used on eyebrows. There are only eight ingredients in this product, all different natural oils. There were indeed no peptides or actives.

When I opened the tube, there was a thin, yellow oil. It did smell like it would be irritating to the eyes...somewhat like pine needles. It wasn’t an overpowering smell, just unexpected. I applied this like I would mascara to the upper and lower lashes using both downward and upward strokes. Beads of oil stick to the lashes and the eyelids get oil on them as well. This was not irritating at all despite the smell and the lemon essential oil in the ingredients (though this is the last ingredient). 

I used this for a month. My eyelashes did seem softer and looked more moisturized after the end of the month. I didn't notice any difference other than that they looked healthier. When I put my mascara on the other day my lashes did look better than when I had used my mascara previously. It felt different putting it on like my lashes were slightly longer. Though I still can't see the difference.

It never occurred to me that eyelashes and eyebrows should be conditioned and moisturized just like hair. I took before and after pictures of my eyes and sadly, there was no difference in length or thickness. However, I still think that my lashes looked more moisturized and healthier, and they looked better when I wore mascara. I will be continuing to use this eyelash enhancer until it's used up. It is really quite expensive though for what it does and I don't think it's worth the money. I did learn that lashes and brows should be moisturized.

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