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Baby Quasar Light Therapy in the TIA Shop

January 13, 2009 Reviewed by admin 7 Comments

Despite the tedium, the Baby Quasar at-home LED light treatment therapy ($449 in the TIA shop) does work — just don't expect to see the same levels of improvement as you would get in a spa.

As Marta recounts: "The process is excruciatingly boring. And it requires concentration. No snoozing off allowed. In a nutshell, you have to divide your face into six areas and spend two minutes per area. Then repeat the whole process with a different light setting and then go back over the stubborn areas using the green (continuous) light...

"Now let's be clear: the results are not on a par with my salon experiences with LED (which I think are amazing). But there is a very distinct improvement of my skin's texture. It is firmer, plumper and has a nice healthy glow. I've been using the Baby Quasar on my hands as well as face and here the results are even more impressive. After three sessions (one session is roughly half an hour), the clock has been turned back by at least a year."

And just in case you forgot: LED is light emitting diode with a low-level power output that uses red light (visible) and infra-red light (invisible). LED is much gentler than intense pulse light (IPL) or laser resurfacing. It works by stimulating the body's tissues to convert the light energy into cellular energy. It boosts collagen production and scavenger cells that remove excess pigmentation or scar tissue.


  • June 11, 2012

    by Eliza B

    @Noelle O there a valid link to the product you mentioned? the link that you provided is not opening. THANK YOU :)

  • August 30, 2010

    by Noelle O Brien

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say I did a lot of research on this subject and have used numerous devices at a lot of cost to me. I would have loved to have been able to review a couple of them. I did come across one device that had detachable heads in different colours (red + infrared, blue, and green) which I though was very handy. So I decided to try this product. I was able to get very good results using the different heads and am very happy with my purchase. It is available at

    I don’t know if posting is allowed but I am in know way affiliated with this company but just wanted to point out that they have a similar product for a lot less cost and I have very good results from it.

    Hope this helps.

  • January 21, 2009

    by marta

    Vickie, I don't think it is. I inspected my Baby Q last night and risked going blind (hope you appreciate the sacrifice) trying to see if I had the same issue. The lights were the same intensity on both sides. I did notice that even slightest tipping of the device left or right does make the corresponding side look less bright.

  • January 20, 2009

    by Vickie

    The row of lights on the right side of my baby quasar seem brighter than the row of lights on the left. Is the normal?

  • January 13, 2009

    by Kira

    I have a Quazar SP and I am noticing subtle results in skin tone and clarity, I think its a good tool for anyone who can commit to regular use.

  • January 13, 2009

    by copley

    Many apologies for your trouble with the NuFace link. We are working on repairing all the broken links on our new site. The link that you referred to should be fixed now, but here is the exact URL for the NuFace post:

  • January 13, 2009

    by Sandra

    I love my Baby Quasar. I use it when I'm listening to music or watching TV (don't do this unless you multitask well). There is a beep when it's time to move on to the next section. Results are very good. I also use it on my hands and chest (avoiding thyroid area) with good results. On a similar note, I have been trying to find a NuFace link on this site that works. Can anyone provide a working link regarding NuFace?

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