The Bar Method Super Sculpting 2

Reviewed by Marta on June 3, 2012

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One of the best discoveries I made in the last couple of years is The Bar Method. It has changed my body shape to look more youthful and I feel great. I recently tried out The Bar Method Sculpting 2 DVD ($20), by far the most challenging – but within reach if you are reasonably fit and have tried Bar Method before. I started with The Bar Method Beginner's DVD, moved on to Bar Method Super Sculpting 1 DVD ($20).

Ten-minutes in to the DVD’s 58-minute workout, led by The Bar Method founder, Burr Leonard, I wondered if it wasn’t more of the same: Super Sculpting 1 at a slightly more intense pace. But I soon realized that the pace is definitely more intense – there is much less set up time for the positions (which means you need to come to this workout with Bar Method chops). While the entire body gets a workout and there is plenty of focus on getting the shoulders and arms nicely "cut", Super Sculpting 2 also focuses much more on butt carving exercises then version 1.

There are more aerobic variations in this workout and some of them have, apparently, never been seen outside the Bar Method studios. There are no less than five sets of thigh-work, one of them performed with the ball (and you do need a ball, as pillows and other improvised props do not, in my experience, work) and two sets of seat exercises that simultaneously challenge the legs.

Like most women, I have never particularly liked my bum. But Burr Leonard is winning me over slowly. It is lifting and – miraculously – getting little dents in the sides. If you have dreamed of having a dancer’s bum, then check out The Bar Method Super Sculpting 2 and commit to it for a couple of weeks – you will see results and be inspired to keep it up.