The Bar Method Super Sculpting 1 DVD

Reviewed by Marta on November 22, 2011


This morning I did 20 press-ups. Fast. As I started to flag at around 14, I was spurred on by Burr Leonard’s motivating instruction and even more so by the fact that Burr herself was doing press-ups, talking at the same time and she’s more than 10 years older than me. Somehow that got me feeling competitive and I finished the set with aplomb. I was working out along with the new The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout 1 DVD ($20) and in the past few weeks this has fast become my favorite workout.

Fast is a word that keeps coming to mind in this review. Bar Method founder Burr Leonard has put together fast-acting body-reshaping moves that really do build on the Bar Method’s signature exercises. If you are thinking been there, done that or that barre work is for sissies, think again and give The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout 1 DVD a try. It’s a pretty challenging work out.

But then you can’t have the body of a fit 40 year old at the age of 63 (as has Burr in my opinion) without getting intense. Nonetheless, this work out is within the reach of most people – easier variations are given for all the exercises and I have found that you build up strength quickly. For a barre exercise novice, I would recommend, however, starting with The Bar Method Change Your Body DVD ($20).

Although The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout 1 DVD starts with arm exercises and sneaks in sets off those press-ups that I mentioned, this program really comes into its own with thigh and glute work. Butt (or in Burr parlance, “seat”) raising and shaping is one of the key goals and in only a couple of weeks, I can report that this works. My least favorite part of my body is getting to be my new best friend and my thighs are looking leaner, thanks to four sets of thigh work and the signature 'pretzel with the ball'.

On the subject of the ball, it is a fairly essential accessory as it is to zero in on problem areas such as the inner thighs and bottom. I’ve tried improvising with a rolled up exercise mat and that doesn’t quite work. Hence, you can also buy the Bar Method ball to go with The Bar Method Super Sculpting Workout 1 DVD.

I am really delighted to include The Bar Method in the TIA shop – the nice people there made an exception for us, otherwise they are only available directly from the company or the studios around the country. Burr Leonard’s exercises have completely changed my body shape in the past year and I hope that they can do the same for you, whatever your age.