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Bare arms for summer

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June 25, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 2 Comments

It’s summer and that means it’s an arms race. Summer dresses and short-sleeved tops can reveal arms that are toned and smooth or beset by bumps and bat wings. To get arms that are Michelle Obama worthy, help is it hand.

I got an email recently asking about keratosis pilaris. They are those lumpy, rough spots on the arms (sometimes chest, legs and shoulders) that can become red and irritated. They are one of those things that are often dismissed as hereditary, a term that implies that there is nothing to be done. Well there is plenty to be done for keratosis pilaris, although it requires – as with most beauty regimens – a consistent approach. And one that may seem counter intuitive.

These bumpy rough spots are clogged pores where skin cells have become hardened inside the pore and inflammation occurs. Dry skin can make triangular, pyramid-shaped bumps, or “accuminate papules.”  The keratin on top is shaped like a sharp spike, which is why the skin feels rough.  People assume that keratosis pilaris is some form of acne and don’t moisturize enough, keeping the skin dry and making things worse. The regimen is to keep the pores unblocked, smooth the skin and hydrate.

What about those bat wings. Genetically, women have a higher body fat percentage than men, and often have thinner skin, predisposing them to having heavier arms. A couple of years ago, we interviewed Dr Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, and asked him about various treatments such as liposuction, Dermasonic and even brachioplasty. You read what he had to say here, but note that even he said that the best thing for flabby arms is exercise.

Even if you do nothing else, it takes only 5 minutes a day to focus on exercises for the upper arms and start to sculpt them.  The mistake that people often make is to exercise only their biceps (with curls, for example). To trim and refine the underarm, the best exercises are reverse push ups and tricep kickbacks. Check out The Bar Method exercise programs for inspiration. And remember that you are strengthening not only the arms, but also the wrists – so you can look forward to still being able to uncork a bottle of wine in your dotage.

  • July 3, 2012

    by JustD

    So glad to see this posted, I've just begun to see inklings and this is exactly what I needed information on that is actually useful. I turned 59 last month and I'm so happy that I found TIA and it's gallery of data, testers and products. I say this because although I'm not posting often, I follow it daily and rush back to see if whatever I've read will work out for me. Always grateful for this community and all that it's doing.
    Keep growing and climbing Marta and as always, thanks for all you and your staff do!

  • June 26, 2012

    by valerie

    Arcona has a pumpkin body lotion with 10% and also a 20% strength glycolic acid that is said to be useful for this problem.

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