I've heard of champagne baths in St. Tropez (thanks, P. Diddy) but I can't imagine any benefits other than tabloid mentions. However, a bath in red wine? Call me crazy but I loved it.

I took a wine bath last week at Ritz Carlton, Santiago, the only hotel in Chile to offer it (you would think copy cats would have caught on at this point). I had just returned from five days in the Atacama Desert to celebrate my birthday so when I arrived in Santiago, all I wanted was a hot bath and a glass of wine. I guess I got what I asked for.

The wine bath is truly luxurious but it's also beneficial to your skin. They put about half a bottle of Carmenere red wine (Carmenere is native to Chile and it's the region's finest) in the tub, fill it halfway with mineral water and bubble bath. They also throw in candles and a glass of Carmenere for you to sip on while you relax. Oh, and I can't forget the oats soaking in the tub, as well as dry oats by your glass of wine. The oats blend perfectly with the red wine bath and, as you know, naturally exfoliate. Amazing.

But what's truly amazing is the benefit of having your exposed pores absorbing the antioxidants of the wine, not to mention the silky-smooth feeling of your skin after you bathe. The complex amino acids in the red wine help moisturize. After I left the bath, my skin was supple and had that great scent of wine. It was a nice, sweet, precious scent you won't get from any moisturizer.

I know about the extraordinary benefits of vinotherapy but never did it cross my mind that I could actually fill my tub with red wine at home. Of course, I'd rather drink the wine, but it looks like every now and then I'll save half the bottle for some DIY spa days. In fact, I'm not the only one who's a fan. Teri Hatcher loves herself a wine bath, which, to me, will be more attractive than a champagne bath any day.