After a brutal May (economy-wise), it seemed time to put together a roundup of some of the best good buys that we've found. By which I mean, products that punch above their weight. They have top notch ingredients without compromise and they do their job. Perhaps an eye cream around the $30 mark isn't going to work as well as YBF's $150 Correct, but you'll see some results and get great value for money with Nutra-Lift Maximum Eye Repair ($31 in the TIA shop) or Dermaradiant’s Ageless Eyes. Talking of YBF, an affordable and ingenious way to get to know the brand is with YBF’s Concentrate ($45 in the TIA shop and until next week we are making it even more affordable with a 15% off coupon: CONCENTRATE15.

Hankering after a high end serum that won't break the bank? Look at Reviva’s Alpha Lipoic low cost alternative to to Dr Perricone ($22. 79 in the TIA shop) or Osmosis Replenish ($40 in the TIA shop). A drugstore find we love is Planetary Formulas Horse Chestnut Cream. And Copley's nose for a good buy is as sensitive as that of a truffle hound and so I had to include new find, the green and keen (price-wise) Episencial. Finally, of course, Folligen ($18 in the TIA shop) still seems to be the bargain of the decade.