As a tribute to Groundhog Day, it seems fitting to fess up to a few beauty mistakes that I should know better than keep on repeating.

Using too much conditioner

My hair routine is getting pretty good (and will be the subject of the next Marta This Month) and I am really pleased with some of the hair conditioner finds of the last few months, including Osmotics FNS and others selected for Five Best Conditioners. The trouble is that my conditioners are getting in the way of trying to cut down on hair washing, from daily to every other day (aiming for every third). I am pretty sure that I am using too much conditioner and using it near the hair roots, where hair is already well-oiled from my own sebum. Conditioning near the roots makes hair look greasy and weighed down. So what do I do? Yep, head back to the shower.

Neglecting the neck

This can take the form of white neck syndrome - stopping foundation at the jawline, instead of blending down to the neck - or just giving it a cursory dab of body lotion. Neck neglect can also manifest itself by applying sunscreen to the face and not the neck (I am guilty as charged). Actually, I'm getting better at all of this and recently started to get very serious about a neck regime that involves exfoliating with Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer. Now I just need to stick with the program.

Brow beaten

The picture used for Marta This Month was taken about a year ago. There's nothing flattering about it (which is kind of the point), but what I am struck by is how moth eaten my eyebrows look. Happily, these days they are much better after regularly using either Folligen or Hydropeptide Lash. The thing is that eyebrow maintenance is one of the things that gets knocked off my routine if I am running late, or distracted by some other product test that I am conducting. My eyebrow hair is certainly darker and healthier than it was a year ago, but if I could just keep up daily use of a lash/hair growth product, then I'd have brows to shame Brooke Shields. By the way, I have just started testing Osmotics FNS lash and brow growth product.

Letting my foundation age me

Foundation is meant to even out skin tone, but its mattifying effects can drain the skin of color and, worse, make the skin look dry and old. I have made some good foundation finds over the last year or so - at least they don't make me break out - but perhaps the best is an antidote to foundation, Osmotics Inner Light. This provides a sheer, light reflecting cover that makes the skin look dewy and pretty evened out. On bad skin days, I am still tempted to reach for the foundation, but a better compromise is to mix Inner Light with some foundation for a bit more coverage without looking dry or cakey.

Getting blown away by my hairdryer

One of the best things I ever did was toss my hairdryer in favor of a new Sedu Revolution. This tourmaline hairdryer doesn't create anywhere near as much frizz as its predecessor and it dries my hair super fast. Still, I have retained some bad habits. I know I should, but I have never got around to getting a wide-toothed comb to ensure I don't break my hair by brushing it when it is wet.

The product cemetery

I am a ruthless purger (at least compared to the squirrel-like hoarding of my husband) - except when it comes to beauty products. The product cemetery is becoming pretty vast - especially as all this research is making me pickier. I need to take TIA's advice and when it is time to toss, do the right thing.