In honor of Groundhog Day or, more appropriately, the movie Groundhog Day, it’s time for TIA’s second annual “Beauty Mistakes not to be repeated” post. Last year, Marta discussed beauty don’ts such as using too much conditioner, neglecting your neck, over plucking brows, foundation faux pas, overusing the hairdryer and passing on purging expired beauty products. Take a look at the list below for some more bad beauty habits to consider breaking:

Aging, messy lipstick

Unfortunately, lips thin with age because of a loss of collagen, which is what gives your smackers that appealing plump, youthful look. And as thin lips are a sign of aging, it isn’t always preferable to draw attention to them with dark colors. A lighter shade will add some color without emphasizing too harshly. Another benefit of using a lighter shade of lipstick is that if it bleeds into those feather wrinkles that often form right above the upper lip, it won’t be as obvious or unflattering as it would if you use a darker shade. If you absolutely love your dark lipstick, though, consider using lip liner to prevent the color bleeding into those pesky wrinkles.

Flossing sporadically…or never…

Having a healthy, white smile is an incredibly overlooked way of appearing more youthful. Of course, brushing twice daily with an effective toothpaste or perhaps baking soda is important, but flossing is equally essential. Although floss only effects the spaces between your teeth, removing all of the food and bacteria build up that occurs in those spaces helps portray a cleaner, whiter smile. Also, if food particles aren’t flossed away regularly, tooth decay may set in which will do nothing for your smile. To be honest, I was always lazy about flossing until I stuck with it for a few weeks, and was rewarded with compliments about my whiter smile.

Pulling hair back tightly

Pulling hair into tight up dos can break your tresses and wreak follicular damage, but it can also age you. If you’re concerned about wrinkles or aging skin and want to avoid highlighting these flaws and more, consider softening your hairstyle. It’s a simple way to take years off your look. Consider pinning part of your hair back instead of tying all of it in a tight ponytail, or if you like the way your hair looks in a ponytail, try a loose one that leaves the front portions of your hair looser. If you’re feeling brave, consider a new haircut; side swept bangs (or any bangs, really) are youthful and flattering when cut properly to fit your face.

Yo-yo dieting

Living your life on a constant diet that involves hills and valleys of weight gain and weight loss can take a toll on your face. Losing weight quickly will inevitably lead to your face losing weight, and when you’re older that can mean sagging skin because of elasticity issues. Dieting safely and dropping pounds at a healthy rate can help you avoid looking older as you lose weight. Eating foods high in copper, vitamin C and niacin can also help spur collagen production, while drinking enough water, eating proteins and omega 3 fatty acids will improve overall skin health.