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Bedroom Eyes- and other romantic makeup notions

February 8, 2012 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments

The ubiquitous pink and red hearts of Valentine’s Day remind us to dedicate at least one day a year to passion and love. Whoever you are, you are never too married, too single, or too old to get swept up in romance. Some people revel in the frilly, mushy lovey aspects of February 14, while others just barely tolerate the focus on schmooze.

This year, I dare you to kick it up a notch, toss aside your hesitations or usual routine, and try out a sultry, seductive look.

Sexy bedroom eyes

There is no standard for what bedroom eyes should be. When you think of sexy eyes, what comes to mind? Do you see images of the 20s screen star Clara Bow, with her smoky and dramatic eyes, or the elegant, cat-eyed Sophia Loren, or some other sultry siren?

Whoever it is, that’s what you should use as inspiration for your bedroom eyes.

Inspiration in this case certainly doesn’t mean to copy. This is about capturing the essence of a look tailored to you.

Clara Bow's screen siren sultry

Clara Bow Makeup
Photo by Eugene Robert Richee

Clara’s look is all about her round eyes, with a dramatic touch. A dark shadow covers her eyes from the lashes all the way up to her brow, fading a little lighter as it nears the upper and outer edges of the eye. A touch of shadow rims her lower lid. Clara definitely wore mascara on top and bottom, paying special attention to the upper lashes, which were feathery, yet heavily defined. Clara’s brows were sharp and thin, accentuating the round eye. Her mouth was perfectly pouted in glossy red lipstick accentuating the “cupid’s bow” of the lips.

From Inspiration to Reality

You can achieve a similar look by finding a neutral, medium-dark shade of eyeshadow that works with your complexion. Using a medium-sized shadow brush, sweep on the color, concentrating on the lid and blending up and out. Keep the shape of the strokes rounded and headed up toward the brow and temple. Never pull the shadow down, as it will drag your eye with it. Take a very small eyeshadow brush and sweep a bit of the same color in between your lower lashes to create a diffused, yet defined effect.

Then curl the lashes well and add three coats of mascara, making sure to comb through between each coat. Follow with a quick coat of mascara on the bottom lashes.

Softly fill in your brows. I do not recommend making them so thin or as dark as Clara’s, just fill in where needed and remember to work with a more rounded shape.

Finally, get out your lip liner and mimic the rounded pouty shape of Clara’s mouth by concentrating your efforts on the top and bottom centers of the lips. Finish it off with some lip color and a touch of gloss and you are ready for action!

Bedroom eyes a la Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren Makeup

Our cat-eyed Sophia has a precisely drawn thick line of black that extends from the inner corner of her eye to up and out past the outer corner. She follows it all the way around to the lower lid and is wearing piles of mascara to really emphasize her come-hither stare. In this case her brow is thick and in a gull-wing shape, adding to the more almond shape of her eyes. Her eyeshadow is deep, dark and stops at the crease. Her lips are well defined with a light/medium tone of natural peach and are also slightly glossy.

From Inspiration to Reality

You can achieve a similar effect by applying dark eyeshadow all over your top lid, stopping at the crease and pulling the outer edge up toward the temples.

Next, get out the liquid liner and paint a nice thick black line into your upper lashes with a straight angled wing on the outer edge following the same trajectory of the eyeshadow. Make sure to look at your eyes when they are open to see exactly where the wing should be placed. Liquid liner on the bottom can be very scary. Instead, just lightly brush some of the dark shadow in between the lower lashes and connect to the outer corners of the eye.

Then pile on the mascara both upper and lower lashes - four coats on the top and two on the bottom should do it. No need to do much combing through. These are supposed to be thick and a bit chunky for the right effect. Avoid the second coat on the bottom if you feel you have dark under-eye circles or prominent bags.

Lastly, apply a lovely neutral rose or peach-toned lipstick and a quick swipe of gloss for a voluptuous pucker.

If all of this seems like a bit much, that’s okay. Maybe you’ll find yourself going out on a limb and trying some one piece at a time, such as a bolder eye, a red lip or a glossy mouth.

Luckily, when it comes to makeup you can play into a role, or just invent a hotter version of yourself… it’s whatever inspires you to make a dash to the boudoir!

We’re curious to know what you do to spice up your face for a bit of extra attention, so leave us your comments.

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