Fun Facts:

In 1976, two twins from Indiana, Jane and Jean Ford, created a San Francisco beauty boutique based on delivering fun-inspired quick fixes for pesky beauty dilemmas.

Infused with a madcap girly sensibility, Benefit Cosmetics tout cutesy names such as "brows a-go-go," "ooh la lift," and "that gal."

Benefit Cosmetics today sells its lines in over 1,000 counters (called Beauty Bars) in department store locations worldwide, at Sephora, and at around a dozen dedicated boutiques. Canada opened 302 new doors in 2007 alone.

Globally, the Benefit counter at Selfridge's in London is the world's largest; in Hong Kong, women use benetint and high beam on their fingernails; and Australians rub dr. feelgood lipscription on their ankles and heels to keep them soft.

Company News/Recent Launches:

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, one of the world's largest luxury goods conglomerates, today holds a 70% stake in Benefit Cosmetics.

Some of the newest arrivals for Benefit Cosmetics include full-finish lipstick, CORALista blush, BADgal waterproof liner, and BADgal plum mascara.

Celebrity Representatives:

Benefit's advertising typically depicts bubblegum pink backgrounds filled with well-dressed dolls and conversation bubbles.

The celebrity-endorsed Benetint is credited with bringing Benefit into the mainstream.

Key Ingredients:

Sweet almond, apple fruit, and japonica leaf in eyecon eye cream

Vitamins A, C, & E, and sodium hyaluronate in do it daily! moisturizer

Vitamin E & B5, marshmallow root, cucumber extracts, and sodium hyaluronate in dear john facial cream

Aloe vera, and vitamin A & E in you rebel lite tinted moisturizer

Almond extract, honey, and vitamin E in "honey...snap out of it" face scrub

TIA's Take:

It should come as no surprise that we think Benefit Cosmetics amount to style over substance. The brand's range of makeup and skincare products benefit from cute concepts and clever marketing.  But when you dig deeper, they leave you wanting more. Few of Benefit's items feature noteworthy components beyond the basic vitamins, and none reveal a candid list of ingredients online. Which makes us wonder just how much benefit (or damage) these products will actually do for your skin.