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Best Anti-agers You've Never Heard Of

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April 17, 2018 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

There some IT ingredients that most of us have heard of and most of us do a little research, establish credentials and then search out products with them. You’ve probably been down this road with things like Matrixyl and sodium hyaluronate, or even growth factors. Great formulators, however, are always look for the next IT ingredient and are working at the cutting edge. For us consumers, it can be a bit disconcerting to see new (sometimes unpronounceable) ingredients and figure out what they do, let alone love and trust them. So I decided to round up some of the best anti-aging ingredients you’ve never heard of so that you can be ahead of the IT curve as well.


A tetrapeptide that protects the skin from UV light. It works very specifically by neutralizing 4-HNE, nasty free radical that is known for causing oxidative stress. Actually, it is amongst the most prolific and cytotoxic of the free radicals. The cool thing about Preventhelia is that it prevents future damage and, therefore, may guard against future aging. It can protect DNA from UVA-induced damage by 69% (source) and promote its own repair system. Find it in the superior lip serum, Your Best Face Define ($70 in the shop).


From rice protein, it prevents collagenase (also known as MMP), one of the main culprits in early aging. When collagenases are triggered by sun (UV) light, they break down collagen. Enter Colhibin to stop them in their tracks and prevent premature skin aging. Find it in  Your Best Face Defend ($130 in the shop)


I gave this a call out in my recent post on high-tech breakthroughs. Darutoside is made from extracts from two plants, gotu kola and siegesbeckia. It is an anti-inflammatory and skin repairer and it is even claimed that it will make stretch marks go away. I haven’t found any independent research on the latter, but there is evidence that siegesbeckia will inhibit inflammatory mediators. You’ll find it in MitoQ Eye Renew ($98 in the shop) and Deciem NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate ($68 in the shop).


Octadecenedioic acid is known as a skin whitening agent but its activity is not mediated via a direct inhibition of tyrosinase, but on a receptor that mediates anti‐inflammatory and anti‐ageing effects (source). Mediatone is supposed to brighten the entire skin surface of dark skin, and lighten the hyperpigmented areas. Find it in MitoQ Cellular Radiance Protecting Serum ($150 in the shop).

Mu-conotoxin Cniiic

I predict you’ll start to see more of this. It is toxin from a sea snail that is worth Googling as it is a flamboyantly patterned creature. It recently got the attention of medical science when it was discovered that it’s venom could be used as a powerful painkiller. Cone snail venom is packed with peptides (as much as 100 different peptides in every snail) and in small amounts these neurotoxins prevent muscle contractions.You can find it in Deciem NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour ($68 in the shop).


Three botanicals - glaucium flavum (yellow poppy), euglena gracilis (a kind of algae) and caffeine - are used in a complex made by Sederma called Phytosonic. It works by unbinding adipocytes from the extracellular matrix through the stimulation of specific proteases. It also restores mitochondrial energy. Find it in Skinveda Ayurvedic Body Sculpting Crème ($68 in the shop).


This is tripeptide-5 (and) panthenol (and) sodium hyaluronate. It is supposed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eye, within one week, as well as the appearance of dark circles. It is in KERACELL 8-in-l Eye Renew ($80 in the shop)


A blue-green algae extract from the Pacific Northwest. It has a ton of nutritional properties including vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. It is supposed to be a natural retinol alternative without the side effects (irritation, dryness) and encourages skin regeneration. It is in Skin 2 Skin Aging Intervention Cream ($69 in the shop).


A natural antioxidant taken from the seeds and leaves of the plant psoralea corylifolia, which has similar effects to topical vitamin A (retinol), but lacks many of the potential side effects like photosensitivity and irritation. Find it in Ao Skincare Rewind Retinol ($119 in the shop).


Prodizia is based on extract of albizia julibrissin. It is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has an impact on glycation. It can be found MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum ($155 in the shop), a face and under eye serum that incorporates this ingredient to combat dark under eye circles. 

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