Best of 2014: Breakthrough Device

From the beginning, the strategy behind Truth In Aging has been to work with our community to discover what is needed, research proven ingredients and technologies and create unique products that really work. When our members were first asked about which needs were not currently being fulfilled, they voiced the need for devices that would bring the technologies from the dermatologist's office into the home. Since sagging skin was listed as the top concern by the majority of our members in TIA's Real Beauty At Any Age Report this past spring, it was clear that microcurrent — one of the most effective ways to combat this issue — would be a device that would truly address our community's needs. So if you'll permit us, we're going to toot our own pre-New Year's horn with today's winner.

The Winner: Truth Rejuvenate At-Home Microcurrent

Microcurrent works at the muscular level, using a subsensory electric current that delivers a pulse to the facial muscles to stimulate them and the surrounding tissue. What it's really doing is mimicking the body's own electrical impulses, re-educating muscles that have started to slacken with age and helping them relocate to where they should be. The result is restored tone to facial and neck muscles, as well as firmer and plumper skin. When Marta revisted her January beauty predictions in August 2014, she wrote that her prediction that "we would see more great microcurrent devices for use at home has, so far, not come true." Since she had not been impressed with the Nu-face or Serious Skincare, that left only the Myotone Facial Toning System as an at-home microcurrent device that worked well... until now.

In November 2014, Truth In Aging launched its very own exclusive, at-home microcurrent device, Truth Rejuvenate. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable and efficient to use, and its prong size and higher level of current sets it apart from other similar devices. The Truth Rejuvenate has larger prongs than the Myotone, but not as large as NuFace, which Marta deemed too large (even in their latest version). It's set at 20 microamps, and there are three settings to increase the frequency based on the user's personal comfort level — there is a sensation of vibration, but not an uncomfortable prickle. Designed to be used on both the face and neck, our microcurrent device delivers noticeable skin-firming and wrinkle-reducing results  — all in the privacy of your own home, for a fraction of the cost of expensive salon treatments. We're immensely proud to name it the breakthrough device of the year.

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