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Best of 2016: Innovative Formula

Best of 2016 Innovative Formula
December 20, 2016 Reviewed by Holly Dawsey 0 Comments

Every December we choose to honor some of the amazing anti-aging products that have delivered unparalleled results throughout the year. The Truth In Aging Best Of Awards is now a hotly anticipated event by both our community members and our carefully-curated brands. The treatments, serums and creams we award not only meet our strict standards — innovative, ethical, good for the skin — but are also proven effective by tough critics (aka real women and men like you). So whether you are looking for line smoother, glow booster, anti-aging eye cream or all of the above, stay tuned over the coming days as we reveal standout products in every category.

Innovation is of utmost importance at Truth In Aging, and we are always looking for the next anti-aging gamechanger. Here, we present you with the most innovative formula we found in 2016.

Most Innovative Formula: Deciem NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum ($60-$200 in the shop)

Deciem NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum

Our Take:

In a few years, we may be able to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles similar to the Facetune app. But until then, we will have to rely on cosmetic formulators to create advanced lotions and potions that target signs of aging better than the last. Deciem is a company of forward-thinkers we believe are revolutionizing the skin care industry. Deciem NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum features cutting-edge actives in a specialized delivery system, and the unique approach targets a wide variety of skin health functions by supporting it at its core.

This product initially caught Marta’s eye thanks to its inclusion of one her favorite ingredients for aging skin, copper peptides. The copper peptide used here is a tripeptide, meaning it has been combined with three amino acids (aka protein building blocks), and is available in one and five percent concentrations. Copper tripeptide-1, oft-abbreviated as GHK-Cu, has the exact chemical structure of molecules found naturally in the human body where it acts as a signaling agent for processes of repair and regeneration. Its role includes wound healing, cellular metabolism, collagen synthesis, blood vessel development, fibroblast production and anti-inflammatory responses.

What makes this treatment unique, though, is how it is specially packaged to maintain the high concentration of pure copper tripeptide-1 and enhance its delivery into the skin. The copper peptide comes in powder form along with a “peptide stabilization complex,” and the two are meant to be mixed together upon use. This delivery helps the peptide to move easily within tissue and around cells to trigger skin regeneration from its lowest depths upward.

The award-winning technology is said to target textural damage, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven tone, enlarged pores and sagging. “Where NIOD seems to really be helping is with firming, especially on my lower cheeks and the sides of my mouth going to the chin,” says Marta, and Truth In Aging community members can’t stop raving about the fast-tracked results they are seeing. Check out some of them below.

Reviewers’ Take:

“I could definitely see a reduction in the sagginess of the skin on my chin and jawline within the first week. People pay big bucks for this result, and I achieved it simply by using this serum. I highly recommend Copper Amino Isolate Serum if you are hoping to tighten the skin and fade dark spots.” -Patti

“I have been using the Deciem NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1.00% for a couple of months now and absolutely love it. I can honestly say that no other product has been so effective so fast. My skin looks firmer and feels healthier ... and it started to show within a week of use.” -Svetlana

“Gradually over the month I noticed old acne scars and pigmentation were improving. I would describe it as a slow fade, so I am encouraged. The rough patches feel like the rest of my face now. My breakouts lasted for a shorter duration and my skin seemed to settle down quicker. Here is the part I was surprised at: no new discoloration left behind!” -Allison

“Copper Amino Isolate turns my 42-year-old, rough-like-leather skin to soft and smooth overnight. I'm on my third bottle and have continued to see results, including the fading of acne scars and firming all around.”

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