Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is an intriguing idea. It is a sort of sunscreen by stealth. Its a normal soap, to be used in the shower or tub. It was devised with those with troubled skin in mind. This means that there are none of the usual things that make soap a soap (the dermatologist I had when I lived in Paris would physically flinch on hearing the word soap).

Sunscreen Soap has a couple of coconut cleansers and lemon juice, chlorophyllin for healing the skin, balm of Gilead (another healing ingredient that comes from the buds of poplar trees), aloe, olive and rosemary.

It contains two non-chemical sunscreens. The idea, which is a good one, is that it can be a way of getting sunscreen onto children or anyone else (husbands) who are reluctant users of sunscreen lotions. And it can be very good for people who can be sensitive to sunscreens. The only problem is the SPF is a mere 10.