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Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Fine Lines, Wrinkles
September 8, 2017 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 2 Comments
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An impressive, effective eye serum


Did an amazing job of firming


A couple of ingredients that may cause irritation

Tested for 30 days by Julie

 Several years ago when I first discovered the wonders of TIA I was chosen to test an eye cream.  I had always up to that point just used whatever cream I was using for day or night cream around my eyes and that was that!  Of course I was several years younger and that was before I realized the extreme benefits of using a serum or cream that is actually meant for your eyes.  Trust me there is a difference especially if you want to use one that provides anti-aging benefits which my 60 year old eyes definitely value now!

So fast track to the here and now…I have been chosen again to test a new eye serum, Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum ($90). This test I knew would be harder as I had landed in a spot where I found the perfect eye cream/serum.  I mean I LOVE the one I have been using prior to this product test.  It did it all and was EGF – so knew this trial would be a great testament either to this new one if it could duplicate the results, or surpass (be still my heart), or not rise to the occasion.  The trial began …..

First a bit of background Bioeffect is a company out of Iceland and they are a pretty amazing one at that. The scientific research they have used to develop this new type of EGF, epidermal growth factor, with barley is truly mind blowing! It’s safe to say that EGF has been revolutionary to skin care.  As we age our cell turnover and repair reduces to a slow crawl – 5 years after menopause our skin has been shown to be 30% thinner!  EGF has been proven to regenerate and repair cells and increase skin tone and elasticity and help maintain healthier, more hydrated skin.  The distinct difference between EGF normally grown in bacteria and the Bioeffect plant based replication is less risk of endotoxins for us humans and obviously you don’t have to grapple with the issues that have arisen regarding using human cells for moral, ethical and legal issues. To engineer a method of replicating human EGF by using barley is ingenious. That it is grown in a pure and safe environment in a carbon emissions free greenhouse just further demonstrates the brilliance and commitment behind these scientists.  

The eye serum arrived and the packaging was innovative. The bottle looks like an elongated eye dropper.  I used this every morning and evening for four weeks.  When you remove the cap there is a roller ball at the top of the bottle. You dispense the thick serum by pushing it gently from the bottom.  One push will do it for both eyes as the serum is heavier than most. That is not to say that is a bad thing at all!   You put half on each eye all along eyelid and below and then apply pressure with the roller ball to start distributing it along the lid and underneath the eye area.  I finished up by patting with my finger.  Instructions state to wait 5 -10 minutes before applying make-up so it is well absorbed.  I waited as long as 15 mins. and I could still feel a bit of the serum, however, this was not a deal breaker for me as this truly acted as an eyelid primer for my make-up which was actually an added bonus. 

Everyone has something they are targeting.  What I need in an eye serum/cream is firming on my lids to avoid that awful creepy lid look and some prevention for crow’s feet, but I am blessed that I do not suffer from daily under eye puffiness or discoloration.  As previously mentioned I have been using a very good eye serum prior to this trial so my eye area was in decent shape. But I am happy to report the Bioeffect eye serum does an amazing job of firming, it truly does!  I didn’t miss a beat from what results I had achieved with my other serum.   Also it did a great job of keeping the crows’ feet at bay and skin was very smooth under and around my eye area.  Another test for me is I also cheat a little and use my eye cream for the area around my lips. I have a scar on my upper lip that years ago was not that evident, but it sure is now.  After reading an article by Marta that she uses her eye cream to help tackle lip lines I have been trying this approach and it has made a credible difference. This eye serum has done a remarkable job at tackling this scar and making it smoother and less noticeable.

There is no scent to this eye serum and the list of ingredients for a product that provides such a power punch are minimal.   The presence of Sodium Hyluronate (super-sized Hyaluronic acid) provides amazing hydrating properties that achieve viable results for smoother, softer skin.  The only ingredient I find issue with is sodium chloride which can cause irritation for some people who have sensitive skin or are acne prone, however, I have extreme sensitivities to oh so many products/ingredients and this serum raised absolutely no flares of any kind for me.  I am MOST impressed by this Bioeffect product and would definitely purchase this eye serum again. This is a credible product that will definitely make your eye concerns lessen and most likely diminish to nothing at all.

  • November 13, 2017

    by Laura

    This is a review of Bioffect's Volcanic Exfoliator. My 53 year old skin tends to be dry but not sensitive. This product did feel rough on my face. The lava has the consistency of very small grains of sugar. I applied to wet skin, but this product was rough enough that the skin on my face was red after each use, for the first couple weeks, however it didn’t last long and my skin did feel refreshed, was softer and didn’t fry out my skin. After the first couple weeks my skin didn’t get red after use. My skin tends to be dry, and a little flaky in the fall and winter, and other than the redness I experienced, it did make my face feel softer and smoother.

  • September 8, 2017

    by Marta

    Thank you for such a thorough review Julie. I am curious as to what is the eye serum that you were using and love so much - do tell. I am glad that Bioeffect worked out for you. I have just started Bioeffect's 30-day treatment - early days, but the signs are good.

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