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BioEffect EGF Serum- reviewed and rejected...for now


Contains stem cells derived from barley


Too heavy for oily skin
August 31, 2012 Reviewed by admin 3 Comments
Recommended for drier skin types and for use during the winter

I have been a believer in the potential of epidermal growth factors long before they became the anti-aging ingredient of the moment. Years ago, after performing my due diligence on Skinmedica’s TNS Recovery Complex, I incorporated the serum into my p.m. skincare regimen and can happily say that I’m thrilled that I used the trailblazing potion early on. Since then, I have experimented with other stem cell serums, derived from both human and plant, both single and complex combinations. Not all serums have delivered on their promises but generally the results have been positive more often than not.

I had used BioEffect’s EFG Serum ($110) for just over a month, applying it to the fine lines around my eye area. I was excited to test the product based on Marta’s results and the fact that two of the scientists for BioEffect had won a Nobel Prize (thanks for doing the research Jeanne). Moreover, I have tried both human- and plant-based stem celled serums, notably Lather’s Swiss Apple Wrinkle Remedy ($62 in the shop), which uses apple stem cells, but I was intrigued to test a stem cell derived from barley. A barley from Iceland, nonetheless – I love Iceland!

BioEffect didn’t quite live up to the hype for me. Oil is not included in the formulation but you could have fooled me. I found the serum to be fairly greasy and heavy, which is odd considering I was applying it around my eyes, where skin has a tendency to become dry as there are few sebaceous glands.  I would imagine this serum would be nice in the winter when my skin gets dry patches but even then, it might be too heavy if not applied sparingly. While the serum is dispensed with a dropper, it’s still easy to overdo it and there were times the serum dripped down my face and I hastily wiped off the excess for fear of a potential breakout (based on a Junko’s experience).

Despite the simplicity of the formulation (there are only nine ingredients), there is certainly a lot of product in the tiny vial and this serum will easily last me many months, considering I am only applying it around my eye area. After using BioEffect for just over a month I stopped using it as I wasn’t seeing the results I’d expected. I have considered that perhaps BioEffect may require two to three months for me to see visible results; a timeline I can’t commit to at present. However, perhaps when New York City is next within the cold grips of winter, I may just pick up my vial of BioEffect again.

Ingredients: Glycerine, Aqua, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Hyalunorate, Tromethamine, Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract, Alcohol (Ethanol) (less than 0.9%), Sodium Chloride, EGF (Transgenic Barley sh-Oligopeptide-1)

  • April 28, 2014

    by Violetta

    I can only pitty that such a wonderful product is not sold in TIA shop. I received a sample of this serum from TIA and am impressed since then. My under eye and labial nasal areas (that is where I used the serum) transformed just in a week. The skin became smooth and really plumped! It was especially evident in under eye area as my skin tends to be creepy out there. The skin looked smooth, plumped and glossy like a fresh apple on a tree. No trace of creepyness was left. I didn't even use anything out there except for this serum - I just didn't need to as the serum did all and more being extremely moisturizing. I was very impressed as I was still trying to find a good eyecream. I really wish that TIA would start selling it in the shop.

    By the way, as an alternative, I purchased Medik8 Growth Factor and I don't like it that much yet. I have been on my fourth week and I can't say wow just like with Bioeffect EGF serum. I do see some positive change but it is somehow very slight. Maybe I can see more with time. And, of course, there is no such a nice addition as being moisturising just like with Bioeffect EGF serum.

  • September 16, 2012

    by Nanci

    I used the product at first following the directions of 4 drops. When I saw how quickly I was going through the product I cut back to the minimum of 2 drops as directed. The bottle was depleted in two months. For $55 per month this product did not make any noticeable difference. I had high hopes as I liked the feel of it and the simplicity. It did cause a break out in one area and at the age of 60 years young, that was the first in about 30 years.

  • August 31, 2012

    by Laura

    It's unfortunate that you were disappointed. I got a sample in the Sample Collection and loved it so I bought one.
    It is one of my favorite stand-alone products. On nights where I do not have the energy to apply 3 or 4 layers of products, I just apply the BioEffect, and it is all I need. It is quite thick for a serum but I don't need a moisturizer when I use it. I have just finished my second bottle without any breakouts and my skin is lovely. I find that it really plumps up my skin.

    The only thing holding me back from having it on hand is the price. It is such a small amount for the money and although a very little goes a long way, I find that there are other serums that last longer and do well, for less. I will definitely splurge on another bottle some day though :)!

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