blissoma solutions amend antioxidant sprayable lotion

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Hazel on April 30, 2014


I'm not a lotion person at all — I just find it hard to slather on every morning when I'm always on the go and I only have five minutes for my whole routine before I'm out the door. So I'd rely on my soap for moisturizing or the occasional body oil. Thing is, my ultra low-maintenance body care routine had taken a toll on my skin — I had dryness and dullness, especially now that I'm in my 30s, and I'm always working in an air-conditioned room.

I was asked to test the Blissoma Solutions Amend Antioxidant Sprayable Lotion ($32.99 in the shop), a combination of potent antioxidants such as pomegranate, acai oil, rooibos tea and skin soothers such as aloe, linden flower and comfrey to heal and comfort the skin. Aside from this, it also helps the skin resist UV damage with the pomegranate extract.

For reference, I am 30 years old with oily, combination skin and occasional dryness due to cold weather and exposure to elements.

I used Blissoma Amend for four weeks, as a lotion in the morning and as a skin soother at night. The lotion is runny and turns white when applied to the skin and is then absorbed. It has a minty-fresh scent, which is soothing — especially at night. The hydration is excellent, it is easily absorbed by the skin and it is non-greasy. I love that it makes the skin healthy and supple as well. I find it works really well as a skin soother after sun exposure. It's great for tropical weather, and I will be taking this along on beach trips for sure! Also, because it is sprayable, I find that it is quite convenient to apply; the pump works really well, and I don't have to wait that long for the lotion to be absorbed. Though it does have some UV resisting properties, I'd still use sunblock if I am going to be out in the sun for some time.

I can definitely say that Blissoma Amend worked for me. It gave my skin that much-needed hydration plus the added bonus of antioxidant protection. It's a perfect product for summer — it keeps the skin supple and healthy despite exposure to the elements.