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Blissoma Lift Intelligent Energy Crème Review

June 3, 2013 Reviewed by Beth 0 Comments
TRU Rating
Recommended as a nourishing, preventive eye cream


A soothing, multitasking eye cream with no nasties


May not be hydrating enough for mature skin

When I opened the Blissoma Solutions carton and checked out the Lift Intelligent Energy Crème ($22.99), I thought surely there had been some mistake. It clearly states that this product is for dry, mature eye area. What threw me off was the color of the Intelligent Energy Crème – it looks just like foundation! No way is this an eye cream, I thought, but it turns out that it’s not only an eye cream, but it’s also meant to be used on the entire face and décolleté.

Upon first application, I was put off by the scent; it’s very herbal. Not entirely unpleasant but very herbal. I knew enough to realize that while I didn’t love the scent, in another two weeks, it could grow on me big-time  – and big-time it did. I found myself looking forward to using this product twice daily and the scent had achieved another purpose: it had a very calming effect on me and I really enjoyed that feeling!

While the eye cream absorbed quickly and invisibly, I must say I did not consider this to be a cream AT ALL. The viscosity and texture was of a lightweight lotion. Period. Personally, I love a thick, rich eye cream, so this Intelligent Energy Crème didn’t wow me in the moisture department.

Intelligent Energy Crème is targeted for mature, dry skin but I think it’s actually better suited for 30-somethings who don’t need heavy-duty moisture just yet. This 40-something, dry-ish and super-sensitive skin of mine never felt like I had enough “cushion” after I applied it. The good news is that it didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever.

I had never used Blissoma before and was pleased to learn that the company uses raw plant-based therapeutic ingredients, and doesn’t add petrochemicals, gluten, nuts, artificial scents or parabens. Ten years ago, that may not have been important to me or been a deciding factor in considering whether to buy a particular product, but it’s becoming much more important to me as I age. We are bombarded by so many chemicals and free radicals every day, so the thought of having an all-natural product on top of my skin is very reassuring!

Euphrasia (or Eyebright) is a key ingredient and helps minimize redness. Butcher’s Broom helps improve circulation and enhance blood flow, while Rooibos, whose leaves are used to make tea, have an antioxidant benefit.

Intelligent Energy Crème is meant to be used morning and night on clean skin. I used the product exactly as directed (several pumps) and by the end of five weeks, I still have some left from the 1-oz. package! I thought for sure that I would have run out after a few weeks’ usage.

So did I love it and find I can’t live without it? Well, I liked it and, yes, I most certainly can live without it. I never felt hydrated enough and relied on my foundation for the extra moisture my skin was craving. I would definitely recommend it for younger skin. The other big drawback is that this product does not contain SPF and that’s a necessity for me, as I am very fair skinned.

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