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Blissoma Peace Evening Calming Creme Review

is a Solution for:
Acne, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin
blissoma solutions peace evening calming creme
May 7, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A lightweight moisturizer with soothing, relaxing qualities


Helps you fall asleep more easily at night


May not be rich enough for mature skin

by Valerie

When I had the opportunity to test Blissoma Peace Evening Calming Creme ($25.99), I was immediately intrigued. I have a long history of mild rosacea, which I've managed quite well, but this almost 50-year-old skin can always use support with smoothing and calming of irritation and redness. I was hoping to have a night cream that would provide nourishment and anti-inflammatory benefits, in addition to the evening moisture that my skin needs. I used it for about one month every night after cleansing and using a rose hydrosol spray. I really like the pump bottle, as it allowed me to be precise with the amount I was using and keep the cream sanitary.

Blissoma's website touts itself as the brainchild of a chemist/herbalist who employs a higher standard of production than other "natural" brands — no petrochemicals, preservatives or phlalates. But they also avoid some other common ingredients that I hadn't thought much about, such as vegetable waxes. The Peace Calming Creme has 22 active ingredients and an impressive array of phyto-active chemistry. I was most interested in the seaweeds dulse and nori for mineral absorption and organic gingko for improving circulation. But it's also got a long list of other vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, sulfur and magnesium (plus many more!).

So what was it like? My initial impression was that it is a much lighter cream than most "night" creams that I have recently used. It had the weight of a heavier day cream, and I wondered if it would provide enough moisture for my "mature" skin. I also really noticed the scent, which the ingredient list states is a mixture of the essential oils lavender, palmarosa, elemi, frankincense, vetiver and German chamomile. I use a lot of pure therapeutic grade essential oils in my work, and I could tell that the oils in this cream are very high quality. But the first couple of times I used it, I wasn't quite sure that the blend came together for me in a way that was really pleasing. I got over that really fast! By the end of the first week, I realized that besides whatever the cream was doing for my skin, the essential oil blend was incredibly relaxing for my nervous system, and I was falling asleep more easily at night from smelling this delicious blend.

With regard to my skin, I felt from the beginning that it drank this cream right up. It lived up to its promise of smoothing and soothing, and I always woke to soft, almost velvety skin. The occasional pink I still sometimes get on my cheeks was definitely lessened. The only hesitation I have about the Peace Creme is that I do think it's going to be too light as a night cream for some mature skin. As my bottle comes to an end, and I ask myself if this cream has a place in my regular routine, I think I have to say YES! I would really miss it if I didn't have it. I may intersperse it with a more moisturizing night cream and sometimes use it during the day (although I will still use it to get that great aromatherapy relaxation at night.) And in fairness, Blissoma's website indicates that this cream is targeted toward normal skin and non-oil related acne or skin irritations, so I can't expect anti-aging properties from it. I'm also curious about trying some of Blissoma's other products now that I've been introduced to such a pure and phyto-chemically active line. 

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