Blue Lagoon Rejuvenating Day Cream SPF 15

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 6, 2016


By Rachel P. 

I must admit that I have drawers full of barely-used skin care products. So when the opportunity was given to me to try the Blue Lagoon Rejuvenating Day Cream with SPF 15 ($130), I thought this would be my chance to see how it is before spending a lot of money on a jar of face cream. 

The fact that geothermal seawater is one of the first ten ingredients was intriguing. It also contains natural minerals and algae that, according to the brand, help prevent skin aging. But the first thing I noticed was the smell of the cream. It was pretty unpleasant — perhaps due to the geothermal seawater — and took some time getting used to.

When I first tried the Rejuevenating Day Cream, it was early spring. I have combination skin, and my face is a little oily in warm weather but gets dry in the winter. The product has a creamy consistency, so it spread pretty smoothly over my skin.  However, it didn’t really absorb quickly and made my face feel greasy right after.

I like that the product has SPF, but I had to put on additional sunscreen since it only contained SPF 15. My aesthetician says that I should use SPF 30 or more regardless of season. I don’t think I will be using this product anymore, especially as the days get warmer. My face felt heavy layered creams and makeup.

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