Reviewed by Cheryl

I’ve been using the Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Exfoliator for almost two months with good results on my sensitive/combination skin. This exfoliator can be used on your face and body, and works well in the shower. My face gets dry patches throughout the year, so I always need a good yet gentle exfoliator (too much friction causes excessive redness). I have used this on an as-needed basis, typically a few times a week. I liked the feel of my skin so much after using it for the first time that I started keeping it on my face as a kind of mask during my shower. (Blue Lagoon makes a mask, too, which I think would be great for my skin). The silica mud is white and has no fragrance; a little goes a long way. (I have only used about 25% of the product, and I have generously sampled it.) I used to use drugstore-brand scrubs, and I will never go back. This exfoliator is so much gentler but still gets rid of the dry flakes, especially around my mouth and nose. My skin feels smooth and soft after exfoliating, but not dry or tight. I have used it on my body as well, and it did a great job preparing my legs for a tanning product. Honestly, at its $80 price point, I do not see using it on my body very often… maybe during the summer when my legs might actually see some sunlight. I want this precious mud to last as long as possible!

Ingredients: Sea Water (Maris Aqua, Blue Lagoon Geothermal Sea Water), Silica (Blue Lagoon Silica), Glycerin, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Water (Aqua)