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Body Buddy Mitts and Booties- reader reviewed

March 23, 2012 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
About a month ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in trying out Body Buddy Company’s Booties ($37) and Reversible Mitts. The Truth in Aging staff knows about my obsession with all things moisturizing – especially Vaseline and Waxelene. I’ve not been shy about my compulsion to slather these products on just about every inch of my body, and I even shared my favorite trick in past posts… coating dry hands and feet and packing them in socks and gloves for an extra softening treat! They knew I’d be more than happy to try out Body Buddy’s Booties and Mitts to see how these custom products stacked up against my old standbys.

My Booties and Mitts arrived in the mail, promising me an “everyday spa experience” and “do-it-yourself manicure.” Both products were in the Scarlet Red and Brown Damask pattern, and I couldn’t wait to try them out! As luck would have it, my hands were in desperate need of a manicure shortly after the Mitts arrived, so after a careful trim and file, a thorough application of the Body Shop’s Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil and a good slathering of Waxelene, I was ready to transform my hands from ragged to ravishing. Unfortunately, my “manicure” experience was short-lived. After less than 10 minutes, my hands were sweating and I couldn’t relax. The Mitts were uncomfortable, primarily because my thumbs were kept with my fingers, preventing me from using my hands to do anything that required an opposable thumb (even gripping things with my full hand was tricky due to the thickness of the Mitt and the slippery situation occurring within the Mitt). I ended up with incredibly sweaty hands and not much of a manicure-effect to show for it. Although my gloves (which make me look like a mime) may not be nearly as cute as this damask pattern, I’m able to wear them a lot longer so I’m able to get a deeper moisturizing benefit. I felt pretty disappointed with the Mitts (and didn’t get to try them out for their product application use, as I do not use self-tanner, cellulite cream, or anything else I can’t just apply with my bare hands) and turned to the Booties for some Body Buddy Company redemption!

I was definitely intrigued by the website’s description: “Hydrate and repair dry cracked feet and heels with these one-of-a-kind non-absorbent Booties.” I knew I could already hydrate and repair my feet with socks… the differentiating factor with the Booties would be their non-absorbent quality. In theory, this should keep more healing, soothing product on my feet, less getting sucked up by the socks I’ve been wearing for the past decade. Sounded like a plausible argument to me!

After coating my feet in Waxelene, I queued up some quality Bravo programming on my DVR, slipped on the Booties, and let them do their magic. Within about 30 minutes, my feet were warm. Very warm. Sweating, in fact. I began worrying that the Waxelene I’d applied was melting off of my feet and creating a slick, pooled mess in the booties, rather than being absorbed by my dry, desperate skin. Getting up to get a refreshing glass of water, my feet slipped around within the booties, making walking a precarious exercise. It felt like I was ice skating in the Booties, for lack of a better description. It was awkward and difficult, and I quickly decided to settle back onto the couch for the duration of my “spa experience.”

After an hour or so of the Booties-sauna, I needed to let my feet breathe. Although I’d found the experience a bit odd, and even mildly uncomfortable at times, the results were great! After I towel-dried my tootsies and let the raisin-effect wear off, I found that my dry, cracked heels were much softer, and my calloused pads were actually… padded! It was as if an hour in Body Buddy’s Booties had infused my feet with moisture, plumping them back to life.

Over the course of about three weeks, I used my Booties four different times and realized that I actually enjoy the heat after I’ve spent the day in high heels (note: I tried peppermint lotion instead of Waxelene once, and this proved to be an intense choice about 20 minutes in… not necessarily good, nor bad, but definitely intense… you’ve been warned). Interestingly, I’ve learned that wearing the Booties for an hour garners very different results than sleeping in my comfy socks, even though I’m applying the same products. The Booties seem to give my feet a total lift, making them feel soft and supple, though the results only seem to last for about 48 hours. My traditional bedtime socks routine doesn’t create such a dramatic effect, but I feel as though the moisturizing benefits last about a week (and I can walk safely in my socks!). I’m definitely going to keep rockin’ my socks at bedtime, but I’m also now adding Body Buddy’s Booties as an indulgent treat on those days when my feet need an extra bit of TLC.

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