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Boomsilk Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin
March 22, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 16 Comments
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A luxurious cream that gives a satiny finish


Ideal for very dry skin


A little sticky and takes a moment to absorb

by Nisha B.

Boomsilk ($32 for 2 oz.; $48 for 8 oz.) is a unique moisturizer that can be used on the face as well as all over the body. The entire Boom! product line consists of only four products and was developed by Cindy Joseph, a former professional makeup artist with over 20 years’ experience. Boomsilk is a simple formulation consisting of only six ingredients. Joseph’s intent was to create a moisturizer that would protect, nourish and moisturize the entire body and decided “all you need is one product, as long as it’s safe and does the job.” The product is indeed safe and I would say this heavenly cream certainly gets the job done!

In order to ensure product safety, Joseph has eliminated any potentially harmful ingredients, such as emulsifiers, which are used for keeping the components blended; mineral oils, such as petroleum byproducts; and all preservatives, including parabens and phthalates. As such, she has also eliminated sunscreen. As I am a proponent of always using a separately designated sunscreen product so as not to dilute its active ingredients, I would recommend using a sunscreen under this moisturizer if you apply it to your face during the day.

As to the purity of Boomsilk, it is “handmade” from all organic beeswax, propolis, pollen and honey by beekeepers on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. I had thought the exotic origin of the ingredients explained the substantial price. However, I recently met someone who makes organic soy candles and learned that the best alternative to soy was to use beeswax. Organic beeswax, though, would increase the price of the candles by about five-fold; hence, the hefty price tag of $32 for 2 oz. for this rather simply formulated, albeit, lavish cream.

Organic beeswax is a natural emulsifier that softens and protects the skin. According to a German study, beeswax was found to be superior to similar “barrier creams” (usually mineral-oil-based creams, such as petroleum jelly) and may effectively reduce the frequency of irritant contact dermatitis. Moreover, Penny has pointed out that honey and beeswax reduce the appearance of wrinkles, enhance the skin’s firmness, and fully hydrate even the driest skin.

I have previously noted the benefits of honey and propolis in my review of Lather’s Honey Moisture Mask ($22 in the TIA shop). Honey is a sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers, and propolis is the resin from bee hives. Honey has humectant properties and is a mild but effective natural preservative with anti-inflammatory effects. Both ingredients have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Further, the healing properties of honey are well known and it has been used for centuries to treat burns and other wounds.

An intriguing ingredient in Boomsilk is organic bee pollen, which is often found in skin-softening products used for baby’s diaper rash or eczema. According to, a study found that bee pollen administered to rats was found to possibly display anti-aging effects and it may also possess antioxidant properties, but these benefits have not yet been confirmed. However, research reveals little or no information regarding toxicity of bee pollen when used externally. Of course, I would avoid using this cream if you have allergic reactions to bee stings.

Generally, I found Boomsilk a bit too greasy to apply to my face, but it is ideal for anyone with very dry, mature skin. I do plan to use it sparingly over a retinoid in the future to prevent the dryness and peeling side effects that often accompany retinols/retinoids. Boomsilk can also be used as a spot treatment for problem areas, such as hands, elbows, feet and even on cuticles. I have been smoothing this buttery balm all over my body after showering every evening. It’s quite rich and while a little goes a long way, I have found Boomsilk to initially be a bit sticky and requires a few minutes to fully absorb. But when it does absorb, my skin is ridiculously soft and has a slight glowing sheen. This luxurious cream has a lasting effect, and I always wake up to satiny smooth skin!

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  • February 11, 2018

    by Denise

    I love the glow stick. Best thing I have ever used for chapped lips. Unfortunately I will not pay $8.95 for shipping a small $27.00 item anymore.

  • December 4, 2017

    by J Elizabeth

    I highly recommend these products. I first ordered the trio and just today I got my Boomsilk. Yes it's a heavy rich cream but so far so good, I have tried it on my face and it needs a bit of time to be absorbed into the skin but that's ok, these are rich all-natural ingredients doing their work. I don't think the price is unreasonable at all. I am 51 and have had tried the full range of products, some are very expensive, and this will save me wasting time trying the next bogus miracle treatment. The trio gives a beautiful natural. Healthy look. I add a bit of mascara and brow and eye pencil if I want a bit more. If you are attached to a made-up look, this would be an adjustment but the tubes are easy to work with, use your fingers if you find the tubes too thick to work with, and they are easy to carry around (and no they don't melt at normal room temp - don't know what that earlier reviewer did to end up with melting sticks) I am sooo thankful I found these.

  • November 3, 2017

    by Lynn

    Just received..boom stick trio and boom cotton...After I ordered this I started to worry when I read reviews about the product being sticky or too thick.,,,maybe for some, but I have unusually dry skin due to thyroid condition and this product is perfect..after about 15 minutes it settles in as is no longer tacky and my skin feels better than it has with any other moisturizer. I will keep trying it and see how it wears thru the day.,but so far It is perfect for my skin needs. If you are like me needing to constantly moisturize I recommend this the color and the glimmer stick also..

  • September 2, 2017

    by Kathy

    I have use a few of the Boom! products. The BoomSilk is lovely for all your skin. Yes because it has no binders, it does get oil on the top which quickly mixes in with my lotion spatula I use to keep my fingers out of the jar. There is also the same product base used for non-shiny face application. It is called BoomCotton. It feels a little grainy going on while the beads melt into your skin as it is spread on. It leaves no shine behind. I am also a fan of the BoomSticks. The color adds an instant uplift to my complection including eyelids and lips. The Glimmer highlights eyes, cheekbones and collar bones, I same the glow for night time treatment to my under eyes and on and around lips. I rally enjoy the Boom! line. I have repurchased multiple times.

  • July 27, 2016

    by judith

    I received my order of Boomsilk the other day, and when I opened the jar the seal was half off. Is that gonna be okay? I hust want to make sure that it wasn't tampered with.. Thank you Judy

  • June 4, 2016

    by Char

    I love this product! I actually will save money using it because I don't have to keep searching for the "perfect" moisturizer. My skin is soft and the color broomstick is just right. I will try the less dewy Boom Cotton.

  • March 17, 2016

    by Lynn

    Can I touch up my face during the day without it getting to red?

  • March 4, 2016

    by Cindy

    I should have read the reviews first. I'm 50 and thought this was a great concept and product. Ultimately I was disappointed after receiving my shipment a bit later than I would have expected in today's techy world. The price point is very expensive for what you get. The product is not fabulous as I had hoped. The tubes are very wide and hard to maneuver on the lip area. I guess I'm just not ready to look drab and lifeless. Just a different set of opinions than what they are marketing. I want to cover "things" on my pro-aging face. I want color, glimmer, long eyelashes, red lips, etc. THIS product will do none of those things. I wish them the best. This just wasn't for me but may be very suitable for another pro-aging face.

  • January 7, 2016

    by Karen

    BRAVO! I love the moisture---especially this time of year. The color stick and glow stick gave me a bit of a facelift. It looks so natural, beautiful and youthful. Thanks for the tip to ditch my under eye conceler and powder. The color on my lips rounds out the " I just skied all day/ I look so healthy" look. Thank you!

  • January 5, 2016

    by Alfreda

    Received my Boomsilk today, & WOW used it this morning! Face , neck & hands, I found it amazing, my face felt so soft & smooth, my make-up went on very nice, I felt totally refreshed!! I am truly happy I found this product, & can't wait to try some others! Love it

  • December 5, 2015

    by Karen

    Just got it but so far seems to be smoothing out lines on upper lip skin feels so soft
    Easy to apply
    Is there a place on ohau north shore where you can buy it?
    From a 67 year old

  • July 1, 2015

    by Eu Sei

    The worse feature of BOOM lipsticks is that the product basically melts and turns into mush if your restroom is heated in winter time. The wide lipstick is difficult to apply. Then if you are able to apply it and clean around the mess, it starts melting, terrible. I contacted them, Joseph sent me another and it was the exact same problem. Mine are sitting in my bathroom closet, never used.

  • September 25, 2014

    by Karen

    I've been using Boomsilk for about a year now. I've read other comments about the annoyance of having to stir the product because it seperates. That is okay by me. It is worth it. I use it lightly around my eyes and mouth because it is a little greasy but AWESOME on my body. I am so glad that I found this product. It's wonderful! Just an overall beautifully natural product. I totally recommend it.

  • October 22, 2012

    by ruth

    As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Cindy's Boomsticks, especially the Color - which is quick and perfect on lips, cheeks, and even eyes, Also the clear gloss is good on lips and as a quick moisture pick me up.

  • October 22, 2012

    by ruth

    As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of Cindy's Boomsticks, especially the Color - which is quick and perfect on lips, cheeks, and even eyes, Also the clear gloss is good on lips and as a quick moisture pick me up.

  • October 22, 2012

    by Jan

    Been following Cindy on Facebook and her launch of Boom products from the beginning but have yet to purchase any. Execellent review and sounds like a product that I need to try on my dry Colorado winter skin. Thanks Nisha.

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