I know, it sounds crazy. Right? But I'm so jealous of those girls who can Carrie Bradshaw their way around Manhattan in the latest Louboutins — or at least anything else besides wimpy ballet flats.

I'm just shy of five foot five, and my closet is filled with beautiful, discarded heels that I have worn out once, maybe twice. I start off confidently in them skipping down stairs and corners; but by the time I'm trudging to work, by the time I'm heading home, the balls of my feet are intense, throbbing, tingling bits of pulp. And I find myself the object of many stares of either pity or contempt from other women.

Yes, I do not feel like I have reached womanhood until I can successfully wear and walk in high heels. Til then, I might as well be wearing a training bra.

I've tried Dr. Scholl's — but to no avail. So perhaps the solution for all this is a foot filler on the other side of my sole.  You got it: botox.

Not only would an injection of botox plump up the ball of my foot, and ease those inflamed nerve endings, but it would also stop them from stinking by curbing excess sweating. Not that I need that, but we all know someone who does. Sharon Stone, according to court papers from her divorce proceedings, favored this approach for her son's own smelling feet.

Botox injections in the feet are not so new. They have been used by podiatrists to help cure a condition known as "stilettotarsal," which is an injury to the soft tissue on the ball of the foot, or the matatarsal region, brought about from years of high heel hoofing.

What is new is its preventative use -- injected so that starlets and socialites can waltz the night away in the latest 8-inch craze.

Typical costs for this procedure are about $200 - $300 per foot, and will last for around six months. Would you do it? I would.