brad biophotonic essential elixir ace & msm

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 17, 2014


by Nanci

I'm a 54-year-old woman with dry skin and moderate sun damage. I was asked to test the BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir ACE & MSM ($95) test for Truth In Aging. My skin tends to be sensitive, but this serum did not cause any breakouts.

It absorbed into the skin well, and I followed it with Neocutis moisturizer twice daily. My skin did have a nice glow, but it did before I began using this serum because I use a vitamin C serum. I would say that it neither increased or decreased the moisture level in my skin. Some of the discolorations did decrease while using this for four weeks, but it was minimal. However, four weeks is not a long time when you’re expecting sun spots to lighten. Anyone who has skin that is too sensitive for the exfoliating acids, this would be a great alternative.

The packaging is conducive to maintaining the integrity of the antioxidants because it's a thick dark glass with a dropper top. The serum does get exposed to light and air but only minimally. The bottle was heavy enough to make me think twice about packing it with me for a trip. 

When I run out, I will probably return to using my Paula's Choice Vitamin C serum at half the price because it also makes my skin glow and lightens my dark spots (the Brad serum seemed to lighten them more but  not by much).