brad biophotonic essential elixir pore-tightening resurfacing replenishing serum

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Jennifer on June 9, 2014


When I received the BRAD Biophotonic Essential Elixir Pore-Tightening Resurfacing Replenishing Serum ($95 in the shop), I had already been using a couple of Paula’s Choice chemical exfoliants for a few weeks. I was really liking the results, so I was excited to try another type of daily exfoliant to compare.

I’m in my 30s, and after years of being a physical exfoliating junkie, I now find myself struggling with thinner skin, redness and broken capillaries. I’ve completely stopped all physical exfoliation, but with skin that is extremely dry yet prone to clogged pores, I absolutely need to incorporate a daily chemical exfoliant into my routine. 

I was worried that this product wouldn’t be able to live up to the Paula’s Choice but found myself pleasantly surprised. It feels cool and refreshing going on, and it’s completely non-irritating, so you can apply it morning and night immediately after cleansing/toning without any dryness or flaking. The results for me were refined tone and texture, smaller pores and less congestion in the T-zone. It hasn’t completely gotten rid of all the blackheads on my nose, but it’s done an amazing job in the area above my eyebrows. The product is described as being able to “instantly impart a visibly tightened and radiant effect.” Unfortunately, I cannot support this claim.  While it sinks in nicely I didn't experience any sort of instant boost or improvement to my skin.

The bottle, like all of the BRAD products, is made of their “Biophotonic Violet glass” to prevent light exposure, but the dropper applicator seems unsanitary. Because of its gel like consistency, most of the product clings to the dropper on the outside, and I found myself having to use my hands to collect the product that way each time. I think a pump would make more sense here, but it’s certainly not a deal breaker. 

Overall I liked the product, and I think it’s a great, non-irritating way to get the benefits of a daily exfoliant that works to keeps skin smooth and pores refined and clear.