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BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Youth Creator Gel-Cream Review

is a Solution for:
Fine Lines, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
brad biophotonic sublime youth creator gel-cream
March 10, 2014 Reviewed by Marta 1 Comment
TRU Rating
A hybrid of a gel and cream that performs impressively for firming skin


Works well on face, eyes and neck


Not the most pleasing scent

BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Gel Cream ($245) is new from the BRAD line, maker of my favorite Multi-Peptide Serum ($95 in the shop) and it is a very unique product. The name is entirely accurate: it is rather sublime and really is the perfect hybrid of a gel and cream. What’s great about it is that there is both instant and deferred gratification.

The quick hit is a tightening effect, while over time it is firming and plumping.

Cool to the touch and gliding on easily, Sublime Gel Cream is relaxing to use. This is rather ironic since, in researching this product’s ingredients, I came across a very interesting theory about stress and aging. But I’ll come back to the stress part in a moment.

I prefer to use BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Gel Cream at night. The initial sensation is a little dry and my skin feels tight. This is not unpleasant, but not a feeling I want to start my day with. What I really like is that the next morning, my skin feels surprisingly hydrated and feels soft and firm. BRAD recommends using Sublime for face, eyes and neck and I have found that it works well on all areas.

I am very impressed by the performance of Sublime – especially for firming, and I assume that some of the key actives should take the credit. The standout is a plant stem cell, but don’t expect the ubiquitous apple stem cell here. BRAD’s is Globularia Cordifolia Stem Cell Extract, from a kind of daisy. Sederma (the company that makes Matrixyl and other cutting edge anti-aging ingredients) markets this stem cell extract under the name of Resistem and says that it mimics the body’s defense produced by “hormesis”.

It seems that stress is good for you (bring it on New York City!). Really. As scientists get to understand hormesis, there is a growing body of thought around the idea that mild repetitive stress has anti-aging effects. Exercise would be a good example of causing the body low-level stress while being good for you. According to Wikipedia, “low doses of toxins or other stressors might activate the repair mechanisms of the body”.

From what I can gather, the plant stem cell in BRAD Sublime, by mimicking hormesis, reduces micro-inflammation caused by toxins. Sederma says that Resistem protects the skin’s own stem cells and stimulates sirtuin-1 (an enzyme that contributes to the longevity of cells).

BRAD Sublime’s other heavy hitters are Matrixyl 3000, a combo of two peptides that help boost collagen production, phospholipids, retinol (another reason to make this my night cream), one of BRAD’s perennial favorites, MSM, and tons of amino acids. There are also plenty of botanicals including cucumber, eyebright, and reishi mushroom.

Worth a call out is periwinkle. I’ve been seeing periwinkle extract crop up recently and began to wonder what’s contribution might be. Periwinkle turns out to have an alkaloid used in the treatment of Hodekin’s lymphoma, and the plant’s extracts are thought to increase blood flow. It can also reduce inflammation and act as an astringent.

Scent alert: BRAD Biophotonic Sublime Gel Cream smells of wet leaves with an undertone of cucumber. 

  • November 24, 2014

    by Jean

    Great product!

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