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August 12, 2009 Reviewed by admin 9 Comments

Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne. The company was founded in 1975, in Switzerland. Arbonne focuses on creating skin care products based on botantical principles. Unlike many other cosmetic companies, Arbonne is available through independent consultants, Arbonne takes pride in this type of selling technique.

The Good:

Arbonne doesn't test on animals, they do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. They also do NOT use petroleum based ingredients. The company has focused on leaving a minimal impact on the earth, according to their site they:
* Support responsible harvesting of our botanical ingredients (harvest and replenish)
* Never utilize endangered plant species in our formulations
* Practice “source reduction,” optimizing packaging and product design to use less materials
* Use renewable sources for all of our paper packaging
* Strive to achieve Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for all paper packaging
* Incorporate Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in all shipping cartons and plastic packaging, wherever possible
* Print with soy-based inks wherever possible
* Ensure our distribution facilities have recycling programs for all incidental packaging and shipping supplies

Marta liked the RE9 Advanced Firming Body Lotion for being creamy but absorbing well. The tinted moisturizer and foundation found a long term place in the bathroom cabinet of our tester.

The Bad:
Despite having such a green initiative, Arbonne refuses to print their ingredients on their site. When buying something, there's no telling what's in it and if you might be allergic. While the site ensures us that their products are free of "harmful ingredients," sometimes that is just too vague. If their ingredients really are that great, then maybe they should make it available on the site. The sales "consultants" or reps can be overly aggressive. We once posted a review of Arbonne and were swamped by hundreds of reps leaving comments. Ingredients include toxins such as linalool, sodium benozate and sodium hydroxide.

Our tester found the makeup primer unsuitable for oily skin. The eye cream didn't cut it for Cristina either, who found it too expensive for a good moisturizer that lacked lightening and brightening action. Meanwhile, Bev found that the RE9 Advanced Serum didn't help her dry skin.

The Truth:
Arbonne is a unique experience. You can become a consultant for them and sell their products or you can just buy them online. While they've focused on using botanicals in their products, we as consumers can't tell how true that statement is unless we can see the ingredients online. However, we do commend them on all of their "green" efforts, they are setting a great example. The products are a mixed bag, but the RE9 line is worth checking out.
  • February 20, 2013

    by Victoria

    About linalool:
    not toxic?

  • February 16, 2012

    by Erin

    Sara, I'm sorry you had a reaction to one of the products and that you feel that one of the consultants was being pushy. We tend to get excited about our products because they do work so well. I spend a lot of time giving out samples because I believe they do speak for themselves. Also if you have any questions about the ingredients and have a hard time locating them on the site you can contact your consultant, locate another consultant (I'm more than happy to help) or contact Arbonne and someone will answer any of your questions. Thank you for your input. It helps me learn how to be a better consultant.

  • January 22, 2012

    by Sara

    I stopped buying Arbonne simply b/c of the pushy aggressive sales and trying to skew independant review comments. They don't let the products speak for themselves wihtout having to rely on the pushy sale. See above by Jill (and that's her attempt to NOT be aggressive). I used Arbonne for 6 months and for most part happy- the serum I believe started causing redness on my sensitive skin over time. Since I have discontinued it - it has improved.

  • September 13, 2011

    by Jill Bush

    One of my clients asked me to respond to the review on this site so I decided I would and I would like to correct a few things not to be aggressive or pushy as stereotyped in the article but to just tell the truth and be transparent.
    Ingredients are available on the "Product Knowledge" portion of the website under "Internet Consultants." You will receive the entire list and what each ingredient does. You can also put in an ingredient into the "search box" and it will tell you which product contains that ingredient so if you are allergic to something you can search for it before you buy it. All ingredients are available to anyone that accesses the "Product Knowledge" area of the site. When I did a search for Parabens, Sodium Benozate this is the response that came up "There were no search results that matched your query." Arbonne has removed all Parabens from its products.
    The makeup primer has been our best selling product and is suitable for all skin types. It may feel oily when putting it on, but dries to almost a soft powdery feeling. Most people that try the Arbonne products fall in love with them. They have less than a 1% return rate which speaks for itself.
    I would be happy to provide anyone with the ingredients in any one of our products. Trying is believing and as mentioned we do have a 45 day guarantee!

  • August 13, 2011

    by Lesley

    The ingredients are posted on the website. If you go to and click on most of the products (the RE9 advanced line for men and women, the FC5 lines and others), it will take you to their link, and you can choose products to view the ingredients. Love that they are listed here and on all of their packaging.

  • July 18, 2011

    by Karen OZ

    True about Arbonne not having their ingredients on their website, but every product, both skincare & makeup has the ingredients listed on the packaging. The company offers a 45 day money back guarantee...
    Many other companies do not list their ingredients on their packaging.

  • May 2, 2011

    by Ruth

    Can we get an update as to which of the commented opinions are the case here? Looking at the catalog, Arbonne products have changed a bit since 2009.

  • March 27, 2011

    by Denise

    Actually Christine, that's not true. They have removed parabens from the skincare line, but it is still in the make-up. I've verified it through the company, you can find their statement about why they feel the need to use parabens on line.

  • May 26, 2010

    by Christine

    Hello, I just would like to say that Arbonne has removed its parabens and sulfates from its products


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