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Brand Spotlight: VOYA

voya brand spotlight
August 13, 2014 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments

With VOYA, it’s all about skin care treatments that are in harmony with the planet. Product formulas utilize the wholesome goodness of nature by featuring hand-harvested seaweed that’s sourced from western Ireland. The brand uses organic and sustainable methods to create their skin care line, for a spectrum of products that work to heal and rejuvenate without causing any harm to the skin’s delicate balance.

VOYA has a history that's almost as rich as its formulas. Recognized for the ability to remove toxins and speed up the body’s natural healing, seaweed baths have long been a tradition in Ireland. At the beginning of the 20th century, the country boasted roughly 300 seaweed bathhouses, nine of those residing in a tiny town known as Strandhill. But as new-age treatments gained popularity, these bathhouses became sparse. The final Strandhill bathhouse was destroyed by a devastating hurricane in 1961.

Neil Walton, a Strandhill native, lifelong athlete and believer in the therapeutic properties of seaweed baths, set out to revive the tradition of these bathhouses in his home town. With the help of his family, VOYA Seaweed Baths came to be and is now one of few of its kind in Ireland. VOYA Seaweed Baths draws 40,000 visitors every year.

In 2006, Neil’s brother Mark and his wife Kira set out to create VOYA’s award-winning line of products and therapies, using their in-depth knowledge of seaweeds and algae. With VOYA products, you won’t find any petrochemicals, artificial colors or fragrances, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, aluminum or animal-derived ingredients (with the exception of beeswax).

Here are some of our favorite VOYA products:

VOYA Bright Eyes ($68) is a firming eye crème that contains a rich blend of antioxidants, with seaweed extract and other organic ingredients. This crème helps to fight signs of aging while turning back the clock for tired-looking eyes.

TIA Community Reviewer Naheed was already an enthusiast of products that boast seaweed, and when she tested VOYA Bright Eyes for us, it didn’t disappoint. "It absorbs quickly and you can feel it working," she said. "It relaxes the skin around the eyes immediately and I can see skin tightening." Read Naheed’s full review.

VOYA Me Time Moisturiser ($102) is an anti-aging hydrator that contains organic, collagen-promoting ingredients as well as seaweed extracts. Rich in antioxidants, this facial moisturizer reduces the signs of aging while soothing the skin with aloe vera and chamomile extract.

TIA Community Reviewer Kimberly found that this moisturizer fit perfectly into her existing regimen. "I wish that I had taken photos of my neck before and after, as I did see a definite improvement in the sagging neck I am developing," she said. "I also felt that my skin looked brighter, plumper and firmer upon awakening." Read Kimberly’s full review.

VOYA My Little Hero Face Serum ($102) contains a nourishing blend of organic oils and potent antioxidants that are formulated to boost skin’s defenses. The result is skin that’s both radiant and even-toned.

TIA Community Reviewer DJ finds that her skin is in a particularly frail state during the harsh upstate New York winters, and she discovered that VOYA supplied just the hydration she needed. "The product seems to be doing a very good job keeping my skin balanced," she said. "Pores stay small while delicate skin around the eyes stays plumped. Tightness and itchy roughness are banished. Best of all, this product does NOT make my irritable skin break out. In fact, it seems to help prevent my usual hormonal breakouts." Read DJ’s full review.

VOYA Maskerade Face Mask ($66) uses a blend of seaweed, antioxidants and nutrient-rich organic extracts to sooth irritation while restoring moisture to the skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

TIA Community Reviewer Maria usually turns to homemade masks to provide relief to her dry skin. But she was instantly impressed by the hydration offered by VOYA’s face mask. "The first thing I noticed was that it left my skin soft and cooled it down, somehow waking it up," Maria said. "My skin felt as though it just had a big drink of water." Read Maria’s full review.

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