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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 5, 2014

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by Kathy

I was so excited to review the Briogeo Rosarco Oil ($24). I have used their Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask ($26 in the shop) hair mask and liked it, so I was pretty sure I’d like this too. The name Rosarco is a clever blend of ROSehip, ARgan and COconut Oil. It also contains radish seed extract, vitamin D, rice bran extract, rosemary leaf extract, sunflower extract, tocopherol (a form of Vitamin E) and natural fragrance. The box said it was lightweight and hydrating with no silicones or parabens. Excellent!

A little about me — I’m in my 50s and still rockin’ that long hair look. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders. It’s wavy, fine and color treated with highlights. I blow it dry every other day and flat iron it to straighten it. Sometimes I throw in a few hot rollers after flat ironing, for body. So, naturally, my hair tends to be dry and when not flat ironed, it frizzes. Sigh. True confession: Last year, I did have several keratin treatments and absolutely loved them. But when I found out they contained dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, I reluctantly gave them up. Since then, I’ve been looking for products that can give my hair that keratin-treated shine and healthy look that I loved.

So, on day one, I shampooed and conditioned my hair as usual. Then with my hair soaking wet, I put a few drops of the Rosarco oil in my hands, rubbed them together and then rubbed my hands down the mid-shaft to ends of my hair. I wrapped my hair in a towel to absorb the extra water, then carefully combed it out and blow-dried it. The Rosarco oil smells divine — just like the hair mask. It’s a fruity-floral blend. And it is very lightweight. It looks very liquid-y in the bottle.  But as I was drying my hair, I noticed it was staying wet in certain areas. As I dried it further, I realized it wasn’t wet — it was oily. I had streaks of straight, greasy hair here and there. Not the look I was going for that day.  No time to rewash my hair, so I pulled it back into a ponytail to hide the greasy look. 

I figured it was operator error. I assumed I had done something wrong and maybe used too much. And I had applied it to wet, not damp hair. So, the next time, I used less — only a few drops, on damp hair. I still had greasy patches after my blowdry. Instructions say you can also apply it to dry hair. Nope. My hair didn’t drink it in or absorb it at all. It just sat on the surface of my hair in an oily slick. No matter if I used it on wet, damp or dry hair, it just sat there without sinking in.

So, reluctantly, I conclude that this product was not a winner for me. I had very high hopes, but Rosarco Oil is one leave-in treatment that I’ll be leaving behind.