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California Naturel Balancing Complex Review

is a Solution for:
Acne, Combination Skin, Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
california naturel balancing complex
August 13, 2014 Reviewed by Mark 0 Comments
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A lightweight facial oil that moisturizes skin while balancing oil production and controlling breakouts


Moisturizes, hydrates and balances skin


Does not make skin completely free of oil

Although I love the summertime, one of the few downsides for me is the havoc it causes with my already oily skin. It’s an annual ritual as summer’s heat and humidity kick in, my oil glands go into overdrive resulting in not only that unattractive sheen, but also the unwelcome baggage it brings along such as blackheads, breakouts and overall congested skin. Until recently, I thought the only way to combat the oiliness was frequent washings throughout the day. This briefly cleared my oiliness, but I fought a losing battle as I unknowingly added to the problem by stripping my skin, and that in turn, told my body to make more oil. And any conversation that included moisturizers I immediately tuned out.  After all, oily skin doesn’t need moisturizers, right?

Now, a bit better educated, I’ve learned that light oils applied to the skin after cleansing can help to calm and balance oil production.  While searching for the right product for my summer skin, TIA sent California Naturel Balancing Complex ($45) for me to try.  This is formulated for combination to oily skin.

Upon opening the product, my first impression was positive, as the ingredient list wasn’t overly long and didn’t begin with water.  In fact, this is composed primarily of oils such as argan, borage, olive and jojoba, which may give concern to anyone with skin that is already oily. But when applied to freshly cleansed skin, the oils actually help to leave it soft and hydrated without any shine. I used the product twice daily as directed, morning and night right after cleansing.  On the third day, I began to apply the product while my face was still slightly damp, and I found this to work just a bit better.  Doing it this way seemed to lock in the moisture and hydrate just a little more. This was easy to use with a very light texture and really nice, light citrus fragrance that quickly dissipates. A small amount amply covered my face and neck leaving my skin lightly moisturized but with a matte appearance.

Now, after several weeks of use in the midst of summer, I can say I really do like this product. True to its name, it does help to balance my skin so it is not as oily. This does not make your skin completely free of oil.  My skin still gets oily, just not as quickly. Along with balancing the oil production, I have also enjoyed clearer skin with only a couple of small blemishes and no blackheads. Although this is not a miracle product nor is it a singular solution to oily skin, I found it worked well when incorporated as part of my daily summer routine, and I highly recommend it.

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