california naturel nourishing cream

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on December 1, 2014


by Grace

I have just completed my trial period of the California Naturel Nourishing Cream ($45), and I have been quite pleased.

The smell alone is enough to keep me coming back for more. The lavender in this cream is very soothing and calming to my senses without being overpowering. I also absolutely love the texture! It's creamy and dreamy though still light and easily absorbs into the skin. To say at the least, this product had me at hello. 

The ingredients are high quality and nearly 100% natural and organic. The major components in this product are alfalfa extract, chritmum maritmum extract and olive leaf extract. The alfalfa extract helps with reducing fine lines by improving skin elasticity. I have never heard of chritmum maritmum extract, but along with olive leaf extract, it helps with reducing inflammation and redness. 

Not only was the first impression nice, but after continuous use, I have seen positive results. My skin is much more hydrated and smooth. At 30 years of age, I tend to have sensitive, dry/combination skin with my trouble areas being in the T-zone section. I used this cream twice daily for a few weeks and then decided it was best for me to back off a little bit around my menstrual cycle, which is when I struggle with breakouts around my chin area. I felt that this product was too moisture-rich and didn't seem to help with blemish control during that time. 

This product is not a fast-acting heavy-hitter but instead a nice addition into a constant routine; with regular use, I firmly believe you will see some positive results just like I have.