Here in Miami, it's Spa week, where you can get a treatment for $99 at participating spas. Of course, you are somewhat limited to select treatments, but hey, it's completely worth it. At the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, instead of what was offered, I somehow got talked into getting the anti-aging facial. Well, okay, not exactly "talked into." The spa here is one of the few high-end spas that feature Carita Renovateur Scrub, which I've always been so curious about, so you really didn't have to twist my arm.

Carita is a luxury brand based out of Paris, where they sell a diamond face cream for about $600 dollars. I don't think I need that amount of minerals in my life right now, but I did want to try this secret potion called Renovateur Scrub. The catch is that Carita doesn't sell it to the public; you have to go to a spa that actually carries the Carita brand and get a facial.

The facial, I have to admit, was truly amazing, and the best part was in fact the Carita Renovateur Scrub. According to my aesthetician, this special blend of crushed, roasted sunflower seeds, thyme, lemon oil extract and cloves is fermented and harvested for about two years, kind of like wine. Apparently, it becomes more potent with age, delivering top-notch results. I loved the scent of it. It was like nature in a bottle, a little rustic and ambiguous. When slathered on my face, it was woodsy and delicious.

As you can imagine, it sloughed well, thanks to the crushed sunflowers. The thyme is there to help purify and stimulate, while the lemon brightens and energizes, while clove decongests. It was pushed into my skin and left for a while then gently removed (not washed off but kind of just pushed away delicately). And I loved it.

I did get a chance to see the packaging and read the ingredients. It also had salicylic acid, which is great for acne, and the last two remaining ingredients were sadly parabens. But, even still, I do think this product is unique. Too bad it's not for sale!