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CBD For Life Lip Balm Review

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Dry Skin
cbd for life lip balm
June 22, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
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Works in a pinch, but isn't ideal




Greasy feeling, horrible taste

by JoAnne W.

I'm in my 50s with combination skin and I tested CBD For Life Lip Balm ($8.99). My first application I applied a generous amount of lip balm as per the directions. My immediate response is that it is excessively greasy feeling and this feeling lasted. The lip balm did not absorb into my lips so after about 30 minutes of slippery, greasy lips I felt compelled to wipe off most of it. Second observation was a bit more disturbing. The lip balm does not have a distinctive smell but about 15-30 seconds after application I got a flavor out of this lip balm that was not exactly pleasant. I tasted of dirt, mold, and/or moss. There is not a distinction between these as I don’t regularly nor purposely eat or lick any of these items, but yes, it is definitely the taste of this lip balm. 

My 16-year-old daughter enthusiastically decided to try it out with me and she tasted the same tastes so I have a second opinion and confirmation that this was not my imagination. She also claimed that after about 5 minutes she felt that she was experiencing tingling. She couldn’t describe it exactly and didn’t say it was stinging, but she said it hurt so she wiped it off.  She has since tried the lip balm again and said that the sensation was tingling, not burning, but she worries that it may cause a reaction to her. Between the dirt taste and the tingling sensation of the lip balm she is reluctant to continue using it. 

The second application I used a scant amount and the overly grease feeling is not an issue and I cannot taste the dirt/mold taste that I had with the first application. 

The last observation that I have with this product later after the product has been on for a few hours my lips seemed to feel very dry. They are not dry to the touch, but the sensation is that they are very very dry. My daughter also confirmed that she experienced this overly dry sensation after having used the lip balm. 

The ingredients list was a let down. There's petrolatum — while I recognize that this ingredient is generally safe and has been used since the late 1800’s it’s still disappointing that this is the first listed ingredient (meaning to me that it has the largest amount per volume of this ingredient). The second is mineral oil and third is paraffin. It’s also disappointing that the first two ingredients are derived from petroleum-based products. Since these are the 3 cheapest ingredients with which to formulate lip balms, my opinion is that this should be a drug store brand and priced equivalent to Chap Stick.

I would rate it a 1 out of 5. I wouldn’t purchase it after testing it. The dirt like taste, it’s overly greasy to begin with and then later my lips feel drier than ever after a few hours. It’s a product I would use only if I didn’t have anything else available and I was desperate for something to help keep my lips a bit more moist for comfort.  

  • June 22, 2016

    by Marta

    Could the taste that you didn't like be the cannabis?

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