A friend of mine once declared that cellulite was nothing more than a media invention fostered by a cosmetics industry that wanted to find something else for us to feel bad about. "I already worry about wrinkles and obsess about my weight," she said. "I'm not even going to think about cellulite." At the other extreme, I know someone who (in vain, in my opinion, and likely in penance for some misdeed) has given up coffee, tea and alcohol in the belief that they all contribute to orange peel skin.

I wager that no one is going to like me for this, but there really is only one way to stave off and/or get rid of cellulite: excercise. Not walking, or yoga. Proper, sweat-inducing, heart-racing jogging/rowing/swimming/aerobics at least three times a week.

Before I lose my entire readership, I'll admit that there are a couple of quick fixes that require no more effort than hailing a cab and then lying down on a salon bed for an hour. Be warned, they are short term and superficial; only to be used the day before that special evening.

I have written before about micro-current facials. There is also a body treatment using the same technology that targets cellulite.

Some people swear by Endermologie - a machine that sucksup the skin while a roller massages. There have also been tests that demonstrate that it doesn't work.

Warning: liposuction does not eliminate cellulite; it can make it worse if you have it and actually introduce it to someone who didn't.

Wraps, creams, latex and dry brushing don't work at all. Not one little bit.