How many athletes have you seen with cellulite. Not many, I'd wager. But, then, perhaps that's because they have had multiple sessions of Acoustic Wave Therapy.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is a device that generates pressure by a small pellet inside an air chamber. Depending on the frequency, it can be used on the face (supposedly to firm jowls) or on the thighs. The pressure waves break down the fat to dispersing the bunched fibrous layer that creates the orange peel look. That is, if you are an athlete. The manufacturer says with great pride and conviction that results on athletes will be superb.

What about the rest of us souls? Well not so good. One of the researchers who helped get the device passed by the FDA has said you should only expect 30% results. Some derms have said that they haven't even seen that much of an improvement. One did say he got much better results after he refused to do on anyone who smoked, was diabetic or could in any way be described as over weight. In other words, someone with no cellulite.

I imagine that must have eliminated his customer base to, well, athletes.