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Change up your look with blush

March 30, 2012 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Truth #19: Blush can help define a new style.

It’s nice when we do our makeup to look “like ourselves, but better.” However, this can get pretty boring. There are ways to get a bit more creative with your blush and give yourself more interesting options.

A while back, I wrote an article saying that not everyone needs to or even should wear blush. Without totally contradicting myself here, let me reiterate that if you are dealing with a lot of redness on your cheeks, applying fantastical blush colors isn’t really your best move. For the rest of you ladies, here are some fun ways to give yourselves a more interesting take on the world of rogue.

First consider what sort of mood you are in. Are you feeling playfully feminine, sleek and powerful, or beachy and sunny? Of course you can come up with your own adjectives too. You want to create a mood to set your inspiration. Then your outfit, your hair, and other aspects of your makeup can tie that vision together.

Obviously, if you were in a beachy mood you wouldn’t dawn a black suit and pull your hair into a tight bun. You would wear earthier colors, fabrics that flowed, and have a sun-kissed looking face.

Achieve a beach chic look

Use a bronzer with a bit of sparkle like Alima Pure’s Belize in the contours of the cheekbone,  and add a few touches around the hair line, temples and across the bridge of the nose. Pair it with a sunny, warm blush like Melon on just the apples of the cheeks to add some life and dimension. Be careful not to go overboard on the shimmer if you are dealing with a fair amount of wrinkles on the face.

Create a springtime feel

Candy and cupcake colors are the big trend in 2012. This look isn’t exclusive to young girls. Women of all ages can take inspiration from the uplifting, almost angelic feel to give themselves a fresh, sweet finish. Be sure your outfit is more on the feminine side. Pastels and whites work best. If you’re daring, even some bursts of neon can be included in an outfit with softer cuts, feminine lines and delicate fabrics.

Try out a few dabs of Revolution Organics Freedom Glow Beauty Balm in Blushed in large, circular motions on the apples of the cheeks, softly blending the edges so the color appears totally diffused. (There should be no stripes going along your cheekbone!) You can build up the color by applying more layers or leave it as a soft hint of pink. Another one of my favorite cream blush shades that looks fresh with a punch of universally flattering melon hue is the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile.

Be sleek and powerful

This look requires stronger lines and deeper colors. Take a little trip back to the late 70s and early 80s for a Dynasty approach to your makeup - a “don’t mess with me, I’m a power player” look. Now it’s time to wear darker colors and your fancy body-defining clothes with a more serious hairstyle.

Now I’m going to say something here that is a rare exception to the type of makeup advice I typically give. Use a darker, wine-colored blush and brush it in a stripe from the apple into the hollow of the cheekbone.

Before you start painting war stripes, let me elaborate on what I mean. The point is not to get the blush rounded with this look. Using a small blush brush (the big fluffy kind are not good here), sculpt the hollow of your cheekbone with the color, starting from the outer edge of the apple of your cheek. The outer edge is where an almost perpendicular line drawn down from the edge of your outer eye would intersect to the hollow of your cheeks (where you can press your finger into your cheeks). From this point, swipe on blush, following your bone structure up to your temples. If you want a more slimming effect, go slightly higher on the diagonal as you move to the hairline. The edges should still look blended with no start-and-stop points yet the effect of the stripe should remain strong. Try out Youngblood’s Cabernet blush for that power-woman effect.

So there are three totally different looks to get you started with some beauty experimentation. Let us know what other looks inspire you to shake up your blush routine this spring!

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