After the review I did on Chella Lash Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment last summer, I was given another chance to retry the product, since according to Marta, the first one I tried was apparently a "bad batch" per the Chella company. I gladly agreed to go through another month of religiously applying the product since I really have gotten the habit of doing it anyway every night before going to bed.

So after 6 weeks, following the initial trial, I hereby give Chella Lash Treatment a score of 70%. Not all my lashes really had the significantly longer or thicker appearance that the product claims will result with continued use. However, there were a few lashes slightly longer than the rest, as I scrutinized them in my magnifying mirror, but not really enough to celebrate about. Furthermore, on the more positive side and as I stated in my first review, the nightly treatment appears to have strengthened or conditioned my lashes since there had been a lot less fall outs compared to when I had not done the regimen. I was hoping to see new growth but there were none at this time.

I wonder if the makers of Chella had tested this product on various age groups as well as ethnicity. I'm assuming that my genetics and age may be such that only allows minimum lash growth and thickness at this stage with the Chella Lash Treatment formulation. After the Chella Lash tube runs out, I plan to try the Hydropeptide Lash, another product, which Marta recommended and look forward to discovering if I have more success with attaining longer, thicker lashes and thereby refute that assumption or perhaps just conclude that I'm stuck with mascara application if I want that lush-long-lashed look.