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Chella Professional Skin Care

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Established in 2003, Chella Professional Skin Care targets a range of concerns like lines and wrinkles, tired looking eyes, lackluster skin texture and elasticity as well as thinning and sparse eyebrows. Chella has recruited Hollywood make up artist, Dee Dee Marcelli to endorse and demonstrate their Brow Full-Fillment Line which comes complete with stencils, pencils, and scissors—supplies, that in a pinch, you could also use for an arts and crafts project.

The Good

Chella pays attention to detail. From sleek packaging, to stylish pump, for all the mini razors, combs, and stencils included in the Brow Full-Fillment Line, Chella knows what they’re doing. They use silk in their anti-aging formula, the latest in UV protection, and einkorn a cutting edge strain of wheat with free radical fighting properties.

The Bad

Preservatives, which can be irritants such as phenoxyethenol and sodium hydroxide, the harsh chemical used as a hair relaxer, do make cameos. Cella products are a bit expensive.

The Truth

Cella Professional Skin Care is not interested in deceiving their customers with distracting marketing campaigns, products with superfluous ingredients, or even affordable prices. Cella products are expensive, they target specific skin and beauty issues and they work the way they say they will. The saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, but it seems that that doesn’t just apply to performance and quality, but with beauty brands, honesty as well. Hopefully, as Cella moves beyond their salon priced market they will be able to increase their volume, lower their prices, without sacrificing quality for profit.

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