It's OK to be a chocaholic. In fact, it's good to be a chocaholic given the cocoa bean's antioxidant prowess. Now there are two more reasons with Chocolate Lip Balm from Best Bath Shop. First, this lip saver has only good things in it. Secondly, at $2.95 it is one of the bargains of the decade.

One of the best things about chocolate is that it is a sunscreen - a product we often neglect when it comes to lips and may explain the recent rise in cancer of the lip. According to researchers, the dietary flavonoids found in dark chocolate are able to reach the upper layers of skin and “have the ability to counteract the oxygen free radicals generated as a consequence of exposure to UV radiation.”

Chocolate lip balm also has healing organic honey and vitamin E acts as a natural preservative. I can see this as a candidate for our next update of Five Best lip balms.

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