Reviewed by Sunday

Hello Marta-Nation, recently I was asked to review  Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty Chest and Neck Creme (sold as part of a $39.95 set). I was happy to do so because after years of neglecting my decollete and wearing a lot of tank tops without sunscreen, well you get the picture. I'll be 43 in February and for the most part have worn a sun visor and that was about it. Every other part of my body was fair game to the elements and truth be told it shows. I have fair to medium skin with freckles and when younger I could easily get a good I run for the shade and keep the cutest parasol with me at all times. I live in California and tank tops are a staple in my all hands on deck, because I got some 'splaining to do!

I actually find it hard to believe that Cindy uses this creme, as it really did nothing after 4 continuous weeks of use and I mean nothing. This creme is actually kind of drying if anything and as far as I'm concerned, if "firming" is another way of saying "tightening due to drying" then count me out. Every morning I would have to dust off my decollete because evidently this creme dries up enough to pill and leaves a film that rolls off ~ NOT A GOOD THING!!!  I also developed a rash, but only on the right side of my neck, which was puzzling until I realized that is my preferred side to sleep on. So does this creme had a negative reaction to my pillow, my hair, my sweat, my goodness. It did completely go away, but I looked back at some other comments left for her products and some of our comrades experienced the same rash issue ~ again NOT A GOOD THING!

So let me quickly mention what was ok about this creme ~ 1. There was no problem getting it to come out of the tube. 2. The smell was pleasant enough to faint. 3. The consistency was thin and not sticky, you could be fooled into thinking is was immediately absorbed (oh wait that's a bad thing) 4. After dusting off my decollete in the morning I could then apply my Cellbone (THAT was a good thing).

Is this a harsh review...YES...but after watching her infomercial and seeing all those beautiful celebrities endorsing this line and using a rare French melon to lure us in...come on??!!  I wanted it to work. Do I think I'll ever have the skin tone of one of the world’s most celebrated supermodels...NO!...but don't mess with the skin tone I do have, I can do that on my own, I know because I own a mirror.

I can and do recommend eating cantaloupe when ever they are in season as they are chock full of vitamins A and C; and if you get a chance to do that in the South of France, that could be pretty meaningful. As far as Chest and Neck Cremes go, I cannot recommend this tube of Meaningful Beauty.