The bottom line: our reader loved the Clarisea cleanser, but the Face Soak was a pain in the butt

Reviewed by Robin

Okay, acne and breakouts have been a part of my life since I was in junior high.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and the REALY ugly!  It has been a rollercoaster of treatments, from topical to oral medication.  There have been periods in my life when I had the peaches and cream complexion.  But now, at the age of 30 my skin is imperfect and still waiting to grow out of it.

When I saw the Clarisea offer, I thought why not!  I’ve gone through an obstacle course to get decent skin so let’s put it to the test!  When I received the email, I was ecstatic and when the package arrived, it was like Christmas!  I received a Clarisea bag, the Clarifying Salt Treatment, the Purifying Facial Cleanser, the Perfecting Clay Mask, and this funny looking bowl.  With the products came some cards with pictures on them.  The cards had testaments of other users, the products, and how it works.  I read them over and over making sure I wasn’t missing something.  I then looked the bowl.  I washed the bowl but thought that it was an extremely unusual strange shape to soak ones face in.  I was about to use the bowl folded up (it pops out for storage convenience) but after checking the website I realized how dumb I can be.  But once it was popped out, it looked like a big salad bowl or popcorn bowl.

The instructions were not extremely clear and I was confused.  There’s the Purifying Face Cleanser and the Clarifying Salt Treatment Face Soak.  The instructions said to do the face soak at the end of your day to pull out all the impurities you’ve gotten throughout the day.  It said when using, have a clean face.  Well I had been wearing makeup all day, so what do I wash my face with?  I figured that I could use the Purifying Face Cleanser because it said it was gentle for everyday use.  But online and on their cards it says, “Rinse Salt off completely after each treatment and follow with Purifying Cleanser, Perfecting Clay Mask and an Oil-Free Moisturizer.  So wait, am I suppose to soak my face, then wash it off again with the Purifying Cleanser, put on the Perfecting Clay Mask, and an Oil-Free Moisturizer?  I went ahead and grabbed the Purifying Cleanser and washed my face.

Ahhh!  My face felt so fresh and clean.  The scent was nice and neutral.  It didn’t have a medicine smell either. So I filled the bowl to the suggested point and put in 2 scoops of the Clarifying Salt Treatment Face Soak.  I had all my hair pulled back in a bun and I sat over the water as if I were a kid standing on the diving board looking over the pool.  I dunked my face in and I automatically had flash backs of childhood birthday parties were they had bobbing for apples.  I hated that game!  It was a really bizarre feeling.  Here I am, in my bathroom alone on a Saturday night with my head underwater in a bowl.  It almost looked like a scene from one of those crime investigation television shows.  I kept telling myself over and over that I’m trying to achieve excellent skin!  The instructions said, “Soak face for 2 minutes taking breaths in comfortable intervals.”  Am I taking lifeguarding training again?  Wait, 2 minutes?  I guess this is where my swimming skills came into play because if I didn’t know how to blow water out of my nose correctly, it would have been annoying!  I figured out a rhythm with the soaking and breathing.  I would put my face down, count for 30 seconds, and come up.  I would take a few deep breaths and start over.  I did this until I had reached the suggested 2 minutes.  After that I thoroughly rinse my face off with luke warm water.  I followed it with an oil free moisturizer to make sure I had soft skin.

So the next day I woke up and washed my face with the Purifying Face Cleanser and loved it.  The instructions say to keep the cleanser on a couple minutes so it can pull out the impurities.  I’m not sure if it did that or not but I was falling in love with the cleanser.  It really exfoliated my skin without that gritty feeling of rubbing sandpaper on my face.  I’m a toner user, but with this cleanser I didn’t feel the need to have a toner.  I followed with an oil free moisturizer and then put on my make-up as usual.

At the end of the day, I washed my face again with the Purifying Face Cleanser.  The instructions said to set up a strict skin regimen.  I figured I would do every other day alternating with the Face Soak and the Perfecting Clay Mask.  I didn’t mind doing the mask, but the Face Soak was a pain in the butt.  I had my own little routine, but it seemed a bit excessive.

I didn’t suffer from bacne or any other body breakouts, plus I’m not a big fan of the bath so I used the Body Soak as a salt scrub.  I would take a little bit of the Body Soak and put a little water with it and rub it in a circular motion on my body.  Loved it!

The Clarisea website does explain, “During the first few weeks of use you may actually break out more as the layers of impurities below the skin are brought to the surface and flushed out.”  Fair enough.  I’ve heard this before from dermatologists so I knew what was coming.  The first week was fine.  After that, I guess I was going through the surface/flushed out phase.  By the second week, I had kicked my soaking up a notch and instead of 2 minutes, I would do 4-5.  I was consistent with the regimen, alternating the soak and the mask.  Occasionally before I would go to bed, I would dab a little of the clay onto those monstrous pimples.

I wasn’t breaking out everywhere, but I was breaking out in places I hadn’t seen any major problems with before.  Around my nose I was getting multiple little bumps along with a few Mount Everest ones.  Around my mouth and chin, I was getting the cherry red, deep under the skin, throbbing pimples that every young girl dreaded before prom.  This went on for two months.  Was I doing something wrong?  Did I need to hang on and continue to be patient?  How many impurities did I have underneath?  I could deal with the tiny bumps here and there but these large pimples were quite painful and extremely noticeable.  The nice thing was I did recognize my skin turnover was faster than before.  The healing process was quick, but a little drying.  I religiously kept up with an oil free moisturizer.  But before I could get excited about one “mountain” healing, I would break out with another.  Then the deal breaker hit: my forehead looked like brail.  I was going through this bobbing for apples-time consuming process for a bumpy forehead?!  It was time to throw in the towel.

In conclusion, I really loved the Purifying Face Cleanser and liked the Perfecting Clay Mask.  I’ll continue to use these items and most likely will buy the cleanser when it is gone.  I love the Clarifying Salt Treatment as a salt scrub and I definitely think it will be helpful in the summer.

As for the bowl and the Clarifying Salt Treatment Face Soak, I wouldn’t recommend this.  I was disappointed with the results and it is tedious and time consuming.  If anything, I would recommend going to the spa and getting a facial treatment there instead of consuming your night with the face soaking.  Maybe I will use the bowl for popcorn.  Okay, just kidding.